David Eason recently admitted that he doesn't have an actual job, at least by most standards. According to a May 2 report shared by In Touch Weekly magazine, the former "Teen Mom 2" cast member went on a rant on Facebook days ago after being called out by fans who accused him of being broke. As one fan pointed out, Eason would likely be living on the street if it wasn't for his wife, Jenelle Evans, and her MTV paycheck.

"I'm sure you are just mad because I probably make at least 100x more money than you," Eason fired back. Then, after fans wondered how the father of three was generating money, he admitted that he doesn't have what most would call a "job." Instead, he suggested that he was a "business owner" and an "investor" but didn't say what business he owned or what he was invested in.

He then pointed out that his finances aren't anyone's business and said "the land" and everything else he has is "paid for."

"You have no idea what kind of money I make," he added.

David Eason was fired by MTV in February

Although Eason used to get a paycheck for appearing alongside Jenelle Evans on episodes of "Teen Mom 2," he recently got fired from his role due to a series of homophobic tweets shared on his since-deleted Twitter account. In his tweets, Eason told his fans and followers that he would encourage his children to steer clear of members of the LGBT community and slammed the community for their alleged lack of morals.

David Eason has also come under fire for his regular gun photos.

Most notably, Eason faced backlash for posting a photo of his wife holding a gun just hours after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

David Eason disses Barbara Evans with a couple of low blows

After defending his finances, Eason continued his rant and began to target Jenelle Evans' mom, Barbara Evans, who he claimed got fired from her job at Walmart.

Although, she said she retired last year, Eason said her leaving the store wasn't her choice and claimed she wouldn't "have s*** right now" if she wasn't caring for Evans' oldest son, eight-year-old Jace. He even said Barbara was keeping Jace only to secure an MTV paycheck.

"I make more in one month than [Barbara Evans] made in a year," David Eason continued.

According to In Touch Weekly, Walmart starts employees at $11/hour, which would mean that if she was working full-time, 40 hours each week, she would have brought in $23,000 per year. So, according to Eason, his yearly salary is supposedly around $275,000.

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