Leah Messer shared a photo on her Instagram page on Monday that quickly received backlash from her former co-star, David Eason, who was fired from "Teen Mom 2" earlier this year due to homophobic comments made on Twitter. According to a report by People magazine on April 19, Messer posted an image of herself and her two twin daughters, eight-year-old Aleeah and Ali at one of Aleeah's cheer competitions on Monday.

In the photo, Messer was seen posing alongside her two oldest daughters, one of which, Aleeah, was sporting tons of makeup on her eyes and face.

In addition to very dark eye makeup, evident contouring, and blush, Aleeah was wearing very bright red lipstick and Eason, for one, didn't appreciate the look. He also suspected that the child's father, Corey Simms, the first husband of Messer, would not approve of the heavy makeup.

Is Corey Simms okay with his daughter's cheer makeup?

“I can’t believe [Corey Simms] would allow [Aleeah] to wear that much makeup,” David Eason wrote in the comments section of the photo. Right away, Messer fired back at her recently fired co-star, asking Eason, "Why are you even commenting on my post?” Messer's fans also took aim at Eason in the comments section, with one particular Instagram user telling him he was "low" for taking aim at another father's parenting.

In response to the backlash, Eason attempted to clarify his statement to Leah Messer, nothing that he was concerned that Corey Simms was unaware of their daughter's competition makeup and was never asked if it would be okay for Messer to put so much on their young child. “I doubt he would allow that,” Eason continued.

David Eason was fired amid 'Teen Mom 2' season 8B

Earlier this year, after he and Jenelle Evans found themselves in the midst of a gun scandal following the Parkland school shooting, Eason shockingly labeled gay and transgender people as “abominations.” According to People magazine, he went on a rant after his parenting was pulled into question and suggested one of his Twitter followers tell the LGBT community to begin teaching their children better morals.

He then responded to a fan who asked if he would teach his kids to hate the LGBT community by saying that he would be teaching them to steer clear of them all together.

In response to his shocking tweets, MTV released a statement, saying that Eason's comments did not reflect their own views. They also confirmed they had cut ties with the former reality star midway through production on season 8B of "Teen Mom 2."