Last season on "90 Day Fiance," the fans saw David and Annie had some money problems. He had to spend a lot of money to be able to get her family to let him marry her. David had a close friend who was helping him financially as he could, but it looks like things aren't getting any better this season. David never had a job in the United States and has failed to get one now.

What is up with David and Annie now?

In a clip from the new season, it turns out that David's friend Chris has cut him off and expects him to make his own money now. It isn't surprising that he would feel that way.

David shares saying, "Chris has cut me off financially at his wife's request. I find that it's really hard because I wasn't prepared for that." It has everyone wondering why Chris wasn't already trying to figure out a way to not need to get money from Chris.

They decided that Annie would pawn some of her jewelry so that they could have some money. This isn't the way she wanted to do things, but it sounded like their only choice. Annie actually went through with it but was upset. She said that David didn't have a job yet.

Chris is charging them now

It turns out that Chris is now charging them $1,000 rent a month. So he isn't just not helping them, but he is also asking for money from them as well.

They are still living in the firehouse that Chris owns. Annie said, "Although the firehouse is growing on us and it's cozy and it's comfortable, it's not what we aspire to live in." Chris wants to get a job and get them a nice house. This next season of "90 Day Fiance" looks like it is going to be a good one watching these two try to figure out a way to make their marriage work.

Last season everyone saw that David's family didn't really accept Annie, but now they are just trying to make it all work. They didn't really seem to agree with him marrying someone by doing the K1-Visa process. David's daughter doesn't seem to be accepting this relationship yet. David admits that he used to always know he could get Chris to help him when he fell on hard times, but it doesn't seem that way anymore.

At least they will have the paycheck from the reality show coming in and that is some money for the couple.

For now, the fans are going to have to wait and see it all go down on the new season of "90 Day Fiance." It starts airing tonight on TLC and you can see new episodes every week. There are a lot of couples from past seasons back again and giving updates about how their lives are going now.