Bear Brown of "Alaskan Bush People" ended up landing himself in the hospital after an injury in the woods that happened. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what happened to the reality star. It turns out that he is now sporting an eye patch. It doesn't surprise anyone that one of the Brown family ended up hurting themselves. This seems to be a trend for this family.

What happened to Bear?

Bear Brown was actually out in the woods when he ran into a tree. A source explained saying, "Bear was running outside, as always, and turned his head into a small tree branch.

He “sustained a minor eye injury” and went to Spokane, Washington, to the hospital. Bear got out of the hospital on Monday and he is now wearing an eye patch after hurting himself. It sounds like he is going to be okay, though. It sounds like he may have been there overnight, but that isn't even clear.

He did scare the fans by sharing a picture of himself in a hospital bracelet on Instagram, but not explaining what was going on at all. Of course, the speculation went on that something serious was really wrong with him. Luckily, it isn't a big deal and Bear is going to be okay. Last month, Noah Brown had to have his gallbladder removed.

The new season

The new season of "Alaskan Bush People" is coming soon and the fans can't wait to see it.

The cameras have been rolling for a bit and should end up showing some of what is going on with Ami Brown and her health scare. It could also show these two boys dealing with their health issues. They aren't living in Alaska anymore, but the fans are going to get to see what the Browns are up to now.

The Brown boys are actually known for hurting themselves.

It is really not surprising to anyone that Bear Brown would run into a tree and end up with an eye patch. Now that they aren't in Brown Town, it will be interesting to see how they live their lives being more in a normal society. Things are really going to change, but it will also be the same Brown family that everyone knows and loves seeing on television.

The fans are just happy to hear that they are coming back for another season.

Don't miss "Alaskan Bush People" when it returns to Discovery. After they have been saying that the show was in its last season, it is back once again. It doesn't look like this show is going to ever go anywhere. It would really be surprising if they don't end up having even more seasons after this one. The fans love this show and want it around.