"Teen Mom OG" fans are concerned that things are not going very well between Catelyn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. Fan concern began to mount over Mother's Day weekend according to Radar Online reports that numerous "Teen Mom" fans noticed that Catelynn had changed her Instagram social media name from Baltierra back to Lowell.

Is Catelynn leaving hints that things are going bad?

Speculation soon followed with many wondering if there could be trouble brewing in the young reality television stars lives? Things really began to escalate after RO reported that Catelynn had headed to Florida with daughter Nova, while Tyler headed to Texas.

Has Tyler reached his breaking point?

As if that wasn't suspicious enough, (Tyler and Catelynn) followers noticed that over "Mother's Day" Tyler failed to post anything about Catelynn. This is very out of character for Tyler who is often seen on social media shouting out to Cate. So what is going on? Catelynn's dad David spoke with Radar and confirmed that Tyler and Cate did, in fact, spend the holiday weekend apart. However, as far as he knows things are fine between the couple and Cate went to visit her sister and Tyler went to visit his dad, Butch.

It is true, though, that the couple has had a really tough year or so. It has not been easy, on either one of them, dealing with Catelynn's depression and now that Tyler has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder things are even tougher.

As previously reported, fans grew very concerned about some of the dark social media posts that Tyler has recently begun posting with many worried he was slipping into a deep depression.

Tyler later eased fans minds posting that he was okay and was using social media as an outlet for his feelings and had also been using various forms of treatment to get control of his depression.

So for now, according to Catelynn's dad all is well.

We just hope everything continues to stay that way for the "Teen Mom OG" fan favored couple. As for one other former "Teen Mom OG" star, Farrah Abraham things are not going to well for her over the past few weeks. As previously reported, Farrah suffered what is being described as a questionable "wardrobe malfunction" while walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Farrah was wearing a dress which was deeply split and " mistakenly" moved the dress a bit too far to one side exposing her bare crotch for all to see. But then again, she is an adult entertainer so this really does not come as too huge a shock to "Teen Mom" news followers, does it?

We can't wait to see what is in store when "Teen Mom OG" returns later this year with the new season! Are you relieved to hear things are okay between Cate and Tyler?