Many people’s favorite family has not returned to the small screen since December last year, which led to rumors flying around that their docu-series, Alaskan Bush People,” have already been canceled. This week, a Discovery executive clarified such speculations.

Laurie Goldberg, Discovery Channel’s Executive Vice President of Public Relations, told Radar Online that the rumors regarding the show’s cancelation are untrue and purely fabricated. She added that the Brown family is already filming for the new season.

It’s been a long winter

Ami and Billy, along with their seven grown children, last appeared on the show’s Christmas special while the last season ended last summer.

Aside from Ami’s cancer treatment and recovery, there are other factors that pushed back the production of “Alaskan Bush People” Season 8.

According to Goldberg, the region where the show is currently filming has been experiencing its longest and worst winter ever. She explained that their production area is “incredibly remote” and the bad weather resulted in access roads being closed.

In addition, some of the family members had health issues in recent weeks, which added to the delay in production. Noah apparently had an emergency gall bladder surgery while Gabe had to deal with a flu-like illness for several weeks.

Everyone’s coming back

Previous reports speculated that some of the family members might not be returning to a new season of “Alaskan Bush People”—Noah, for example, told his family last season that he wanted to forge his own path.

But now, it seems that the whole Brown family will be coming back, much to their fans’ delight.

Goldberg said, “Billy, Ami and all of their children are incredibly excited to be filming for the new season right now, as are we at Discovery.”

In a separate report, Radar said a source confirmed that Ami will definitely be back.

Ami is currently in remission after battling a late-stage lung cancer over the past year. The source said the 54-year-old is still frail, but she is doing okay so far.

Where are the Browns now?

When Ami was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer in January last year, the family moved from Alaska to California. They initially planned to relocate to Colorado, but reports said that they are now in The Lodge At Palmer Lake in Omak, Washington.

Billy reportedly paid more than $400,000 for the 435 acres of land.

“Alaskan Bush People” has yet to announce when the new season will premiere. However, Snowbird said in a tweet that the show should be back in May. The post has since been made private.