Last month, Discovery Channel confirmed that the Brown family is coming back on the small screen for Alaskan Bush People” Season 8. This officially shot down rumors that the reality docu-series has been canceled. We’ve got the latest updates regarding the show’s return for a new season.

There is not yet an official premiere date yet for “Alaskan Bush People” Season 8. The delay has been attributed to the severe weather conditions in the area where the Browns are currently filming, and to serious health concerns of some of the family members.

Browns filmed helping residents of Tonasket

After leaving California, the Browns have purchased a multi-acre property in Washington state. Radar Online reports that here, they experience a new set of weather. The outlet shared a photo of 33-year-old Bam Bam carrying sandbags to help the residents of Tonasket in dealing with the floods.

A show insider told the publication that the area has been experiencing severe flooding over the past few weeks, and the Browns took initiatives to help in every way they can. They even helped an elderly person whose lawn had been submerged under the floodwater.

All nine members of the family—Billy and Ami, and their grown children, Bam Bam, Matt, Gabe, Bear, Noah, Snowbird, and Rainy—are filming together for the new season of “Alaskan Bush People.”

A source added that the production for Season 8 is going well.

Everyone is excited about how things are going with regards to their new Browntown.

“It will be a great season with some really amazing triumphs and unexpected challenges,” the source teased.

A little recap

Over the past year, Ami and Billy, along with most of their children, stayed in California, while Ami received treatment for her advanced stage lung cancer.

In the previous season, they were featured traveling to Colorado, considering the area to be their new home. They left Alaska after Ami’s diagnosis.

But things did not work out as planned, and now the Browns are all in Washington. Before acquiring their property, the family stayed in a lakefront lodge in Palmer Lake, Okanogan County.

The show said they are pretty much in an isolated area, and as the winter was severe there, it added to the delays of the new season. Laurie Goldberg, Discovery Channel’s Executive Vice President of Public Relations, also revealed that some family members had health issues. Gabe had an emergency gallbladder surgery. Most recently, Bear had an injured eye after an accident in the forest. Meanwhile, Ami is currently in remission.

Stay tuned for more updates!