"Alaskan Bush People" Season 8 is coming! Radar Online obtained photos of the Brown family while filming in their new location. In its official Twitter account, the show immediately confirmed that the pictures were indeed for the new season.

According to an insider, Billy and Ami had relocated to a wide property in Tonasket, Washington right after Ami's grueling cancer battle. The new season will likely document how the family adjusts to their new environment after being in the Alaskan wilderness for so long. The source added that all seven of the Brown children will be part of the new season--even 33-year-old Bam Bam, who had previously bid adieu to reality-TV life.

Brown family help flood victims in their new home

The new season photos show Bam Bam and his older brother Matt carrying heavy sandbags. Apparently, their new town recently experienced a devastating flood shortly after they've moved in. Billy and Ami's children were happy to be of help.

"Several family members have already volunteered," a source revealed. "Not only did they help with the sandbags, but they also helped an elderly gentleman whose lawn was submerged underwater."

The "Alaskan Bush People" family reportedly helped their neighbors as the film crew followed them around.

Of course, the reality stars have faced other challenges before--from natural calamities to building a sustainable home in the middle of nowhere.

Bear Brown gets injured after a stunt mishap

Early this week, "Alaskan Bush People" fans were alarmed after Bear, Billy and Ami's 30-year-old son, shared a photo from the hospital.

In the reality-documentary show, Bear Brown is known as the "King of Extreme" because of his love for stunts and starting fires.

According to a source, Bear was running outside doing his usual stunts when he hit his head on a tree branch. The reality star suffered a "minor eye injury" and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he has been given an eye patch.

Despite the accident, the Brown sibling is said to be doing well and is ready for more action.

Bear isn't the only Brown family member who has taken a trip to the hospital recently. Discovery Channel revealed that 26-year-old Noah underwent emergency gallbladder surgery. Meanwhile, the network has not given an update regarding Ami Brown's condition after the family announced that the 53-year-old matriarch has been cured of her stage 4 lung cancer.

Washington's extreme weather conditions and the Brown family's health concerns have caused delays to the show's filming schedule. Despite these issues, the Browns are said to be excited to be working on the show's new season.