With 19 kids, it's amazing how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are able to make each one feel special! On Thursday, the parents greeted their daughter Jill on her 27th birthday with an entire album on the family's official Facebook account dedicated just to her.

The greeting came with a sweet caption, possibly written by mom Michelle: "Happy Birthday, Jilly Muffin! Wow, what an incredible lady you are!" The photos were mostly old pictures of "Jilly Muffin" with her Duggar siblings. It also included a more recent picture of Jill Duggar, husband Derick Dillard, and their two sons.

Jill Duggar, born on May 17, 1991, is Jim Bob and Michelle's fourth child and second daughter. Duggar fans have seen her grow up as a child in "19 Kids and Counting," to a young wife and mom in "Counting On."

Derick's PDA-filled tribute

Of course, Derick Dillard did not forget to post his own birthday message for his wife. On Instagram, Derick posted a picture of him and Jill kissing on the lips. While the Duggar son-in-law has never been shy to show his affections for his wife in public, what fans noticed was Derick's message.

"Happy birthday to my wifey," the former reality star wrote. "God has blessed me beyond measure to give me you as a wife and as a mother to our boys. I fall more in love with you every day!"

Interestingly, Derick called Jill his "wifey." The last time he used this in a caption, the former "Counting On" star received a huge backlash from Duggar critics who called Derick "sexist and misogynist." According to In Touch, a lot of people thought that "wifey" was a derogatory word to call one's life partner.

However, it is important to consider that for Derick, "wifey" may just be an innocent term of endearment.

Jill's sisters skip her birthday

Meanwhile, Jill's sisters who are active on social media--Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna--seemed to have failed to greet her on her special day. Jessa's most recent IG post was her sweet Mother's Day greeting for Michelle Duggar.

Joy-Anna shares an account with her husband, who may not have remembered Jill's birthday in time for a public greeting.

Interestingly, Jinger posted two new photos on her Instagram on the day of her sister Jill's birthday. In one, she shared a baby bump selfie as she entered her 31st week of pregnancy. In another, Jinger posted a throwback photo of her and Jessa, referring to her sister as her "bestie."

Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna still appear on the Duggar family's long-running reality show, "Counting On." Last year, TLC announced that the network decided to cut ties with Derick Dillard after his Twitter rants against another reality show, "I Am Jazz," for its transgender-driven theme.

Derick later stated that he quit the show and wasn't fired, as TLC implied. The Christian minister also confirmed that his wife Jill and sons will no longer be a part of "Counting On" moving forward.

Duggar fans! What did you think of Derick Dillard's birthday tribute for Jill? Are you surprised to learn that Jill's sisters did not greet her in public? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!