Meghan Markle's mom has been more than gracious throughout her daughter's entrance into the Royal Family but it seems not every family member is feeling the joy for the "Suits" star's love story. Doria Ragland has been there for Meghan in anyway a mom can be for a bride, never mind a bride who is in the scope of the entire world. After watching Doria at the wedding, you can see why Meghan is proud to call her mom.

With that said, Meghan has a few other relatives who have not been anywhere near as gracious as her mom has been. It appears that riding on Prince Harry's bride's coattails has become somewhat of a sport for her half-sister, Samatha Markle Grant.

Riding on royal coattails

Samatha's last few battles have been under the pretense of protecting Thomas Markle, who is the father of both Meghan and Samatha. The latest pot-stirring at the hands of Samatha has to do with her seeing their father as being slighted by the Queen.

When Meghan married into the Royal Family, a coat of arms was created for her. This was an honor just for her and none of her family members were included. Samatha, who apparently did her homework, has found that Kate Middleton's father was given a coat of arms that he could share with his family, but not Meghan's dad.

Dishonor to her father claims half-sister

According to Fox News, Meghan's half-sister is "calling out the Royal Family" for slighting her dad.

She told reporters, "To exclude him of a coat of arms is really stripping him of an honor and it’s a huge insult." Samatha is becoming somewhat of a regular in the headlines since Meghan's engagement to Prince Harry was announced. She doesn't appear to have her sister's back after threatening to write a book about her sister with "Pushy Princess" in the title.

Kate's father got one, so why not Meghan's dad?

It seems that there is a very good reason Thomas Markle did not get a coat of arms like Kate Middleton's dad was awarded when Kate married Prince William.

The coat of arms given to Kate's father is one Kate and her entire immediate family can use, but the same is not going to happen for Meghan's relatives.

This time around the Queen has deemed the process too "complicated." A coat of arms is not just ordered up for someone like a logo, it entails much research to prove they have an ancestor who was once a "subject of the Royal Crown," according to the Daily Mail.

Coat of arms, not just a decorative logo

In this case, Meghan will receive her very own coat of arms, which is for her alone to use. Samatha claims that this is "extremely improper." She is indignant over Meghan's coat of arms not being shared with their father. According to Fox, Samatha considers this a "royal snub" to her family.

Flew-in and stirred it up

Samatha is not the only extended family member of Meghan's to end up in embarrassing headlines.Over the Royal Wedding weekend, a few of Meghan's relatives flew into London despite not being invited to her wedding.

Her half-brother's ex-wife and her son, who is Meghan's nephew, were seen in the pubs and Meghan's nephew made headlines which were a bit on the embarrassing side. The nephew, Tyler Dooley, carried a knife into a pub and he was told to relinquish it at the door, which he did.

When the employees of the pub told him they had to call the police because he was carrying the knife, he fled.

The police found him later at his hotel. Knife carrying in London is not allowed by law and this is why the pub needed to contact the police.

Due to his willingness to give up the knife and his lack of knowledge of the laws, he was let go without being charged. This was another embarrassing headline staring Meghan in the face when it came to her family members. The nephew blamed his knife on Trump. He said that the president had said that London was a dangerous place, so he armed himself.

Gig falls by the wayside

According to the Daily Beast, Tyler was with his mother, brother, and his girlfriend in London at the time. It was reported that they were slated to be commentators during the Royal Wedding for a popular British television program.

For some unknown reason, it was canceled.

While Meghan is seemingly minding her own business while her estranged family members are coming out of the woodwork. Are they there to support Meghan or ride on her coattails of fame?