Kate Gosselin's daughter Hannah Gosselin recently shared a photo of her brother Collin, which is more than Kate has done in the past two years. There has been a lot of speculation about the Gosselin family over the past few weeks.

It appears that there may have been a change in Hannah Gosselin's living arrangements. As previously reported, Jon Gosselin has been spending a lot of time with his daughter Hannah. The father and daughter have been posting numerous pictures of some of the activities that they have been participating in together, pretty much non-stop since the Sextuplets' 14th birthday.

Is Hannah Gosselin living with her dad Jon?

It also appears that the two have been spending time with Collin Gosselin. Collin, unfortunately, has been dubbed the forgotten Gosselin child by some non-Kate fans. These fans have not been thrilled with the way Kate Gosselin sent Collin off to a treatment facility for his special needs two years ago. Since then Collin has been excluded from every family celebration, holiday, and gathering.

Was Kate Gosselin dishonest about Collin?

Kate Gosselin claimed that Collin's special needs involved educational and social challenges, including issues with anger. Up until a couple of weeks ago, even his father Jon claimed he did not know where Collin was. But now it seems some major changes may have occurred.

It is believed that Jon and Kate have come to some understanding about visitation with Hannah.

Jon Gosselin's recent cryptic post has his followers believing that Hannah may be living with Jon. Whether the changes have been worked out in court or privately is unknown at this time. Hannah posted a photo and caption that stated that she was happy to see Collin and had fun shopping with him.

This obviously means Collin was allowed to leave the facility -- at least for a few hours.

If so, then this contradicts Kate Gosselin's previous responses to Collin's absence -- as she stated that he was not allowed to leave, even for holidays. While Jon Gosselin's other children seem to be uninterested in spending time with their dad, it appears as if Jon has won over at least Hannah and Collin.

Jon and Hannah have always had the closest relationship of the family.

It also seems a little strange that Hannah has not mentioned her mom Kate in any of her recent posts. This leads many to believe that something is up, and there very well may be a lot of family drama coming to a head soon. Since Jon and Hannah have been spending time with Collin, does that mean that Collin could be released from the facility soon? If so, will he return home to Kate, or will he also choose his dad over his mom?

Considering past reports of Kate Gosselin's harsh rules and treatment of her children, should Kate Gosselin worry that Hannah and Collin will be the first to write their tell-all book exposing what it's really like growing up Gosselin?