Shirley Spectra is encouraging her granddaughter to go for the gold with a much married Liam Spencer, but it may be another Forrester man who steals her heart. Thomas helped Sally get back on her feet, then left her high and dry to be with Caroline. "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers indicate that his uncle Thorne is returning to town and will have a connection with the woman Thomas left behind. Grandma Shirley might lose focus of Steffy's husband should Sally and Thorne hit it off. He has a lot more experience in the fashion industry than his young nephew and could help Spectra in ways Liam and Thomas could not.

Ingo Rademacher to replace Winsor Harmon as Thorne

Ingo Rademacher has been chosen to replace Winsor Harmon as the fourth Thorne Logan on B&B. His first airdate will be November 27. Rumors indicate he will return to LA and be working for "Spectra Fashions" rather than "Forrester Creations." There is a possibility that Thorne may be a love interest for Sally, but there are very few details on how this will come about. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" know there is bad blood between the younger Forrester brother and Ridge, as well as with his father Eric.

Thorne could be pushed to the limit just as Thomas was and leave the family business. Rademacher, was lovable but at times devious when he portrayed Jasper Jax on "General Hospital." In addition to being a decade younger than Harmon, his charm, wit, and Aussie accent will give an entirely new dynamic to the character of Thorne Forrester. A "Thally" match may be more interesting than watching Liam end up back with Steffy as he always does.

Sally may always be a thorn in the side of Steffy

Sally Spectra's great aunt and namesake stole designs from the Forrester family and was always causing problems.Her niece may find that she is a chip off the old block and is destined to always be a thorn in the side of the Forresters. This is especially true where Steffy is concerned.

First Sally came to LA. and snagged Thomas, then she stole Forrester designs just as her great aunt did decades ago. Steffy could not deal with the fact that her brother fell in love with the enemy and later went to work for the rival fashion house.

Now Liam has become the savior of the fiery redhead and is taking up where Thomas left off.

On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Steffy argued with Sally about the fact that she always allowed men to bail her out of trouble. She also warned Ms. Spectra not to take a business trip with Liam. While Steffy is outraged Shirley is ecstatic that her granddaughter keeps getting help from rich handsome young men.

If Thorne returns to L.A. to help Ms. Spectra, Steffy will come undone because her brother, her husband, and now her uncle have all fallen under Sally's spell. Grandma Shirley, however, will be elated that yet again her "Sally girl" seems to have a bright future.