Rome Flynn did not renew his contract with "The Bold and the Beautiful" so his character, Zende, was shipped off to the Paris division of "Forrester Creations." Pierson Forde who portrayed Thomas was inspired by the courage of his fellow castmate and abruptly left the show. Both men are young, good looking and talented. They are also a part of a generation that does not seem to have staying power and are always looking for something new. Each of these actors believes there is something more for them out there than the world of Daytime Drama. They are searching for greener pastures, with bigger and better opportunities.

Soap stars can make it big

Zende and Thomas were popular characters and their portrayers performed well in their respective roles. There has been no mention however from the powers that be at "The Bold and the Beautiful," regarding recasting either character. Fans should wish the best to Flynn and Fode, but the chances of their finding success outside of daytime is slim. It can, however, be done.

Morgan Freeman and Jackee Harry both began their careers on the daytime drama "Another World.' Freeman went on to fame in "Driving Miss Daisy," and now has several hit movies on his resume. Jackee' portrayed the popular character Sondra in the sitcom "227," and later was the mother on the show "Sister Sister." Other celebrities found the grass is not always greener, and return to daytime television.

The future may be bright for Flynn and Fode

There are times when actors leave a daytime drama because they already have found another job. This was the case with Justin Hartley who left the role of Adam Newman on "The Young and the Restless,' to star in the prime tie drama "This is Us." There has not been any announcement, however, to indicate that either Fode or Flynn has another job lined up.

Both men have much going for them, but they could have had so much more.They could have chosen to remain on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and honed their craft.

One more year would have given Pierson and Rome additional experience and a stronger resume. If they do not find the greener pastures they are seeking, it's possible they could return to B&B and give Thomas and Zende another shot, at least for a while. Time will tell how whether these handsome young men make it in the entertainment business or return to daytime. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. to The Bold and the Beautiful"