Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall found love on "The Bachelor" and it turns out that they have both moved on. Now, People is sharing the news that Vanessa has found love and is moving on. It has been eight months since they broke up, so it isn't like she moved on right away. Vanessa spent some time getting her life together and has now moved on to find love.

Vanessa shares the details

Vanessa joined Dean Unglert on his podcast "Help! I Suck at Dating" and talked all about the new man in her life. She started out saying "I always wanted to find someone … who’s gonna be a great father, someone who’s gonna be a great husband, someone who’s family-oriented." Vanessa went on to explain that she wanted that, but with the people she was dating she wasn't finding all of that in one person.

It sounds like she may have finally found that for herself.

At one point, she was linked to hockey player Brendan Gallagher, but Vanessa always said that they were just friends and nothing more. It looks like that is the case seeing she is making it sound like the person she is dating isn't someone that any of us would know. She seems to be moving on from Nick Viall just fine. Nick has been rumored to be dating, but he isn't saying much about his love life.

She admits that she doesn't care about followers or social networks. Vanessa honestly wants someone that will not even know that she was on the show. This means finding someone that likes her for her. She doesn't seem to be ready to share pictures of him on her social networks or anything just yet either.

Who is this mystery man?

For now, Vanessa Grimaldi isn't sharing who the new man in her life is, but she did share a few details. He isn't from "The Bachelor" at all. He also isn't in entertainment, so it isn't like he is an actor or singer. More than likely, the man Vanessa is dating is someone that the fans won't even know once they find out his name.

It looks like everyone is just going to have to wait and see when Vanessa is ready to share the news about the new man in her life. The fact that she is speaking out about finding love must mean that she is closer to sharing who the guy is and letting the fans in on her life with him.

Are you shocked to hear that Vanessa Grimaldi has already found love?

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