Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham met on "The Bachelor" and are still going strong. Their relationship started in a way that surprised everyone, but it has worked out for them. ET is now sharing that Arie is actually saying that living together has been great for their relationship. It doesn't sound like this couple is going to split and a wedding should be coming soon.

Update on this couple

Arie and Lauren moved in together just a few weeks ago, but it seems like it was really the right decision for them. Lauren and Arie were at the IndyCar’s Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on Saturday and they weren't afraid to talk about how things are going for them.

Lauren actually moved to Arizona to live with Arie and he says that it has been "fun." It does sound like it has helped their relationship instead of hurting it, but they haven't been living together very long yet.

Arie shared that their dogs are getting along great, which is one thing that can be rough when moving in together. He also said that they are looking at houses, so it sounds like they will be getting somewhere of their own soon. Arie Luyednyk Jr. said, "I think it’s strengthened our relationship. We love hanging out together, and we're very similar. We get along, and it’s just great." They are already starting to plan their wedding as well. Arie did tease that they don't know yet if the wedding will be on television or not.

Their parents are helping with the plans and it could end up being a pretty big wedding. Everyone would love to see it aired on ABC, but that is a decision they will have to make on their own. If they get married soon, you can assume that ABC will want to air it.

Becca K moves on

If you remember, Arie actually picked Becca K and then decided to go back to being with Lauren.

A lot of fans were shocked by how it went down and didn't think that he would last with Lauren, but they seem to be doing great together. There is really no reason at all to think that they won't end up married.

Becca K has obviously moved on too. She is now filming "The Bachelorette" and it will start airing in just over a month.

This means that she has obviously moved on from Arie and hopefully, she will find love on the show. They aren't quite done filming her season yet.

Are you shocked to hear that Arie and Lauren are doing so well together? Do you think they will end up married? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Becca K as "The Bachelorette" starting on May 28, 2018, on ABC.