The release of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third Avengers film is less than a week away, and fans are absolutely going bananas about it. There are literally hundreds of theories online about possible deaths in this movie, and these only make the fans crazier. Despite MCU’s predicted win on the “Avengers: Infinity War,” there is one person in the world who is not particularly excited about the upcoming film. This person is none other than the “Titanic” writer and director, James Cameron.

What he thinks about the ‘Avengers’

James Cameron, the director who got famous for his sci-fi movies such as “Aliens” and “Terminator” franchise fired an unfriendly comment about the upcoming Avengers film.

In his interview with IndieWire, he expressed that the moviegoers should move on since he believes to be macho and overblown comic book film series.

According to Cameron, he hopes that the audiences get Avenger fatigue soon. He believes that there are other stories to show instead of hyper-gonadal male characters without families wreaking havoc in cities and doing death-defying stunts for two hours.

This is not the first time Cameron expressed his feelings towards the superhero genre. Last year, he has voiced his displeasure about DC’s “Wonder Woman.” He said that the movie was anti-feminist and it objectifies women. Director Patty Jenkins defended the movie by posting her opinion on her Twitter account:

Kevin Feige’s epic rebuttal

During the “Avengers: Infinity War” junket, Vulture asked Kevin Feige about his comments regarding Cameron’s remarks.

The president of Marvel Studios chose not to comment on Cameron’s tirades. He only replied, “He loves our movies! That’s awesome!” Critics say that this is a quality save, especially that the third Avengers film is about to have its world premiere on April 27.

Some people think that James Cameron is still harboring ill feelings about the fact that he didn’t get the first live-action “Spider-Man” project many years ago.

He may not have been given a chance to direct the web-slinging friendly neighborhood superhero, but he got the time to perfect his vision for his first “Avatar” movie instead. However, his criticism of the Avengers was seen a little off, if not hypocritical, by many, especially when Cameron himself said that he is planning to release sequels of his 2009 blockbuster film in 2019.

The "Avengers: Infinity War" may be full of destructive male characters, but this is definitely one of the most anticipated films of the history. The story that is about to unfold on the third film was carefully established during the MCU's 10-year tenure. No one, not even James Cameron, can deny that this movie will be remembered not only by the fans but by the history of filmmaking itself.