Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been making headlines for the last three months. They have been through a lot, but the straw that broke the camel's back was the miscarriage just before Thanksgiving. Lowell has made two trips to rehab since then. She left immediately following the miscarriage and then returned to treatment earlier this year. Baltierra has been left to care for their daughter, Nova, while his wife seeks help.

Rumors about Tyler cheating

There has been a lot of talk about Tyler Baltierra cheating on Catelynn Lowell. The two have been together for a decade but have only been married a few years.

They gave up their first child for adoption, which is why they have been featured on “Teen Mom OG.” Baltierra has been targeted for plenty of malicious rumors including things about his sexuality and cheating on his wife. Viewers have talked about how he is “too good” for Lowell, something that has angered their loyal fans.

Because the cheating rumors are nonstop, Tyler Baltierra decided to have some fun with the Twitter trolls. Last week, he tweeted in response to someone wondering how many times he cheated on Catelynn Lowell. His response was “too many to count” with a little emoji attached. Of course, he was being sarcastic, but many people didn't understand. There was a huge uproar over the comment, something the “Teen Mom OG” star wasn't exactly expecting.

At this point, it is known that he was joking, but some people found that to be tasteless, especially given the fact that Lowell is already battling with her own issues.

Moving forward

Right now, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are attempting to move forward.

The miscarriage was something that damaged them both, but she needed more time to deal with the incident. Baltierra has been on a quest to get healthy. He recently lost close to 40 pounds by changing his eating habits. Getting fit is definitely in the front of his mind as he moves forward. The last several months have been filled with chaos.

Their lives are playing out again in front of them as they watch “Teen Mom OG.” Baltierra and Lowell attended the reunion taping which happened the first weekend in March. They were joined by Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout, Taylor McKinney, and Debra Danielsen. Farrah Abraham was not around for the filming as she had been fired from the show, and Amber Portwood was too sick to travel due to her pregnancy.