“Infinity War” spoilers are starting to take over social media. With the premiere of “Avengers: Infinity War” taking place Thursday night (April 26), it seems that a lot of people are seeking information about the film. A lot of that information has to come from critics who were able to see early screenings or theater workers who took a peak a little early.

The producers of the film have done a great job at keeping a lot of the films plot point under wraps. Even with that, there have been numerous “Infinity War” spoilers revealed right in the trailers.

Anyone who has seen the various trailers already knows that Thanos acquires several Infinity Stones early in the film.

Which stones does Thanos already have?

Just by watching the trailers, fans have figured out some “Infinity War” spoilers on their own. Thanos is first shown placing the blue Space Stone on his fancy glove (called a Gauntlet). This stone was important in the first Avengers movie and in the Thor chapters of the MCU films. It was known as the Tesseract before this, giving Loki and Thor the ability to teleport to other points in the universe.

While battling with Captain America in Wakanda, Thanos is shown with the Power Stone, which was what the Guardians of the Galaxy were chasing in their film.

They dropped it off on Xander after saving it from falling into the hands of one of the Thanos mercenaries. It was obviously just delaying Thanos from acquiring it, as he now has it in the “Avengers 3” trailers. It is assumed he will acquire it early in the film.

The other Infinity Stones

Also shown in the trailer was the Time Stone, in the possession of Dr.

Strange, and the Mind Stone, which is still attached to the head of Vision. Both Vision and Dr. Strange are getting tortured in the trailers, possibly revealing even more “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers. That leaves the Reality Stone, known as the Aether from “Thor: The Dark World,” and the mysterious Soul Stone. The Soul Stone has not yet appeared in the Marvel films.

Maybe it is in Wakanda?

April 26 is the date when many fans will watch the new Avengers film, meaning it is going to lead to even more “Infinity War” spoilers getting posted all over social media. At that point, it might be wise for fans who don’t want to have the ending spoiled to turn off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the day. That’s probably the best way to ensure that “Avengers 3” doesn’t get completely spoiled.