''This Is Us'' has wrapped up its second season, while a third season is still in the making. Season 3 is still months away but that won't stop fans from launching into various debates connected to this NBC-based masterpiece.

Its been a two-season-long emotional journey as ''This Is Us'' emerged bearing a new framework in terms of how to construct a successful TV drama. It's a character-centric TV show that screams uniqueness and singularity at every step. Well-harbored by these special features, the main characters wear their own charisma caps while navigating through a well-written narrative.

Jack Pearson may be the key character as Milo Ventimiglia has been playing the role of his life, but that special spark, the singularity beam, has another source.

Randall Pearson and his unique trajectory

There is no shame in admitting that Randall Pearson has his own label. Having a heartbreaking story at the core, Randall is the abandoned infant Rebecca and Jack adopted. We saw how hard things were for Randall when it came time for him to adapt to a rather different world. But, as usual, nature compensates, and he turned out to be the smartest guy in the room.

As a grown-up, his line of work is also a strange one. Being a weather trader (it's mostly a trading job using weather-related derivatives which is that part of math most of us can't even get a grasp on) can be exciting but it doesn't always come with a genuine feeling of fulfillment.

In the aftermath of his biological father's death, Randall Pearson has a mid-life crisis and his life seems to take yet another turn as he quits his well-paid job as a trader.

What makes Randall so special?

To understand the entire spell around this particular character you might have to watch Sterling K. Brown during his Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Now, you can see how emotional things can get but that's not the important part here. Sterling K. Brown pays homage to Dan Fogelman, the guy who actually wrote the script, and gave Randall something special to work with.

A smart person and an all-around character, Randall Pearson is a cold and calculated mind. Still, he won't run away from his emotions as he's always able to produce a thorough analysis on himself and on the environment surrounding him, including his family.

Of all three siblings, Randall Pearson seems to be on the most interesting ride, even though Kate and Kevin have their own signature too.