''This Is Us'' has been out of the spotlight for a while since Season 2 reached its end. It was quite a journey given the fact that the season had to cover some heartbreaking moments with Jack Pearson's death as the pinnacle. But Jack's story was not the only hot item in the series, as other characters had their own demons to keep at the gate.

While Kevin Pearson was caught in the middle of a weird addiction episode, Kate, Randall, and Rebecca had their fair share of troubles. The Season 2 finale offered us a strange gift, a short glimpse into a future timeline where some characters are still present while others are off the radar.

That's a mystery worth looking into to see if Season 3 might help us decipher.

The list of absentees from the future timeline we already know about

As it turned out, the future will hold other challenges for the Pearsons. If Kevin and Kate had their future stories placed somewhere in the near future, Randall's part will be placed way deeper into the unknown. In that future scene, Randall Pearson seems rather old, somewhere in his fifties, while Tess, his daughter, is a grown woman. But, his other daughter is missing, as well as his wife Beth. Deja, who caused quite a stir during Season 2, is also cut here as well.

From that future timeline, Rebecca Pearson is missing too. The same goes for Miguel.

But, with no clue on their future at all, it's not a long stretch to assume that the upcoming season may deliver some insight into how their lives unfolded. They're indeed an elderly couple and you don't have to go all the way down the rabbit hole to presume that at some point their lives ended and that's the reason they are out of that future timeline.

Rebecca Pearson and her role

Once Jack Pearson died, Rebecca remained the only connection the three siblings had with their past, going all the way from the beginning in that hospital incubator. To some extent, Miguel was part of the connection too, although his role is significantly smaller. Once Rebecca Pearson dies, the three siblings will end a huge chapter of their lives.

All the past physical ties with their parents would be terminated, and all that will remain is a spiritual bond only.

It seems like this TV series is turning into a real conundrum. It looks like the more we know, the less we can see into the future.

Rebecca Pearson's possible death during the next season is just another mystery added to the existing pile.