If you have been watching this season of "Married at First Sight" you already know what one couple's decision will be before the Finale. For the first time in the reality show's history, viewers know, before decision day, whether a couple will decide to stay married or get a divorce. Jonathan Francetic and Molly Duff have indicated they are choosing to divorce. They are already living apart.

One couple reveals early decision

On Tuesday night's episode, both Jonathan and Molly told the other couples and their families that there was no need to wait until decision day to say their marriage was over.

Even though the other two couples felt sorry for them, they don't know what their own fate will be.

Molly, 25, and Jonathan, 29, have been having problems since the beginning. Jonathan wanted to be intimate, but Molly wasn't ready to take on the role of a wife. Even so, Jon insisted he did put a lot of work into making the marriage work. Viewers saw that Molly didn't work as hard. She accused Jon of being impatient, and she was heard calling her husband disgusting.

Molly has been criticized so much, by haters on social media, that Jonathan has asked them to give her a break.

He says she has been beaten up by all the negative criticisms.

Even though Molly and Jon have already made up their mind, they said they will still appear for the finale along with the other two couples.The preview of the finale showed that they kept their word and did show up.

The other couples

Molly was having dinner with the other wives, Jackie Schwartzberg and Shawniece Jackson when she shared the news. They were shocked and asked her if she was sure. Molly assured them that she and Jon had made a mutual decision to get a divorce. She added that she had moved out.

Jon also shared his side of the story with the other husbands, Ryan Buckley and Jephte Pierre.

Jon was emphatic when he told the men that he and Molly know they are walking into decision day with the same decision and that is not to stay married. Ryan and Jephte seemed sympathetic even though they aren't sure what their own decision will be.

All three of the couples have argued over minor issues. It will be a surprise if any of them agree to stay married. Couples from previous seasons have said they would stay married but changed their mind a few weeks later when they appeared for the reunion.

Do you think Jephte and Shawniece will agree to stay married? Do you think Ryan and Jackie will decide to stay married? It could go either way for both couples. As of now, it doesn't look very promising for any of the marriages. Most viewers think none of the couples will stay married.

Mark your calendar to see the finale of this season's "Married At First Sight" on Tuesday, April 24 at 9 PM on Lifetime.