After 25 years the cast of the hit movie "The Sandlot" reunited. First off, this had people realizing wow, that movie was 25 years ago and it made them feel a bit old, myself included. If you go to social network posts about the reunion all that people are really talking about is the fact that Benny is missing. NBC correspondent Gadi Schwartz stood in for "Benny the Jet" Rodriguez when they took the field during the reunion. So where is Benny and why wasn't he at the reunion?

Details about Benny now

The rumors are going wild. They say everything from that he was a sex offender, is dead or even that Benny was serving time in jail.

One fan swears he is working as a firefighter from when they looked him up last. When the group reunited, they just simply acted like he didn't exist and didn't mention his absence at all. A few also noticed that Wendy Peffercornn is missing from the picture, but of course, she wasn't a main character in the movie.

Back in January of 2017, Daily Mail shared about what happened to Benny, played by Michael Vitar. He actually plead no contest to a misdemeanor battery in a deal he accepted for attacking a man on Halloween in 2015. The man was hurt pretty bad and firemen had to revive him. It is actually true that Benny had been working as a fireman. He did end up with a six-month unpaid leave of absence for the attack, but no word on if he went back to work for them or not.

Michael and two other men allegedly beat up 22-year-old Samuel Chang in Los Angeles for "handing out candies to children." It was reported that he would be paying a $2,000 fine to the victim in this case. He also had to do 90 days of community service and take 12 months of anger management classes.

Why wasn't he there?

The fact that Michael Vitar did get in trouble legally still doesn't explain why he wasn't at "The Sandlot" reunion.

He could be frowned upon for his past arrest by cast members, but that has never actually been confirmed. He was initially released on bond and it doesn't sound like there is any reason he should be in jail now. It sounds like he has just moved on with his life. He retired from acting before becoming a fireman. The last time he acted was in a 1997 episode of the show "Chicago Hope." Remember he was also in the hit "Mighty Ducks" movie sequels.

Were you shocked to see "The Sandlot" reunion without Benny there? Why do you think he wasn't there? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and it may be time to pull out the old "The Sandlot" VHS.