Things are going pretty crazy on "The Bold and the Beautiful" lately. One thing going on is that the fans now know that it wasn't Liam that shot Bill. This is going to change everything. At first, Liam wasn't even actually sure if he did it or not. She Knows is now revealing the spoilers for the week of April 16 and what the fans should expect to see.

Taylor's shocking return

It turns out that Taylor is back once again and it has now been revealed that she is the one who shot Bill. This was a shocker to everyone but also makes it where Liam is free and Bill won't be near as upset with him anymore.

Taylor will end up aiming a gun at Bill once again. Everyone is wondering what is going on with her big return. Somehow this spoiler didn't even get out, which isn't normal for the show.

Other spoilers for next week

Steffy is going to be by Liam's side and showing her support for him. She has made it clear that she wants to work out their marriage and wants him there for her and not just the baby. Steffy is also going to ask Bill for a favor this week. This could end up giving him a little bit of hope that she would want to be with him.

Brooke and Ridge are going to try to figure out why Bill said that Ridge wasn't guilty anymore. It all seems a bit odd, but everyone doesn't know all of the details just yet.

Bill and Liam are also going to look at their relationship this week and maybe they can find a way to fix it. Their relationship is really strained right now.

Liam is going to end up asking Hope for some space. He really needs to figure out what he wants and thinks that being alone is going to be the best way to figure that out.

Liam will end up showing his appreciation for Steffy, which you never know if he could end up taking her back at some point. Toward the end of the week, Hope will really want to try to get Liam to be with her.

One thing Steffy will do this week is telling Bill to back off because she wants to focus on her relationship with Liam.

Bill isn't going to go for this at all though and will make a plan. It doesn't look like he is going to give up easily. Bill wants to be with Steffy and even though she did sleep with him one time, that doesn't mean that she is ready to give up the idea of having her happy little family with Liam. This is what she wants.

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