Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards just couldn’t seem to get on the same page this season on “The Real Housewives of beverly hills." Their best friendship was put to the test during many fights throughout the 18 episode season but it all came to a head last night.

Entertainment Weekly reports that last night's episode, “packed a little more heat than a Housewives finale generally does.” On last night’s season finale, Kemsley hosted a fashion show for the launch of her new swimwear line, Beverly Beach. She invited all six of her Bravo co-stars for support or so she thought.

Richards frustrations were very apparent during the entire event.

Cutting the tension

Dorit also seemed to have felt the tension and asked Kyle if there were any "unresolved feelings" between the two of them, which clearly there were.

Richards responds quickly by saying that Kemsley has to expect "repercussions" for her actions in co-star Erika Girardi's hotel room. Richards of course was referring the horribly awkward dinner party they had on a trip to Berlin in which Kemsley continued to bring up issues of the past, most specifically the seemingly never-ending “pantygate” drama from last season.

As Entertainment Tonight reports, fans will remember that Kemsley accused Richards of allegedly talking behind Kemsley's back after she gave Girardi panties as a joke because her husband PK accidentally saw up Girardi's skirt last season.

As many fans also probably remember, the joke fell flat.

Feeling attacked

Richards has said many times since this dinner that she felt that Kemsley, who she thought was one of her closest friends, was attacking her and that she had nothing to do with that incident that happened well over a year ago. None of the ladies seemed happy with this issue being dug up from the RHOBH grave.

Richards went even futher saying that Kemsley was using Ricahrds as sort of a scapegoat in order to repair her relationship with co-star Girardi. Richards felt as if she was thrown under the bus when she did nothing wrong.

Stirring the pot

Kemsley has been known to be the center of the drama between many of the ladies, including putting a bit of a wedge between Richards and best friend Lisa Vanderpump early on in the season, a twitter feud with Camille Grammer after calling her the c word, dubbing Lisa Rinna schizophrenic, and getting into a fight with newcomer Teddi Mellencamp because she gave her the wrong glass to drink wine out of.

Despite making amends with most of her co-stars, they still dubbed Kemsley the biggest pot stirrer of the season so it is no wonder Richards had a lot of pent up feelings towards her friend’s actions.

Richards even said in her confessional interview, “Dorit, you may believe your own delusions, but I don’t.”

Although, the episode ended with everyone seemingly getting along while at an event at Richard’s house, Dorit said in her confessional that she still feels a bit of a “disconnect” towards Richards because she “tainted” such a big night for her. It seems like these two Beverly Hills ladies will have a lot to hash out during the reunion show.

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