Camille Grammer didn't get along with Dorit Kemsley during filming on the eighth season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and now, with the reunion expected to film soon, their relationship remains strained. On March 12, Us Weekly magazine shared details of a recent feud between the two women on Twitter.

It all started when a fan page asked which housewife of Beverly Hills had the toughest first season on the show. As fans will recall, Grammer wasn't in the best place during her first season as her husband, Kelsey Grammer, was secretly seeing his now-wife, Kayte Walsh.

How did Camille Grammer's Twitter feud with Dorit Kemsley begin?

In response to the poll, Grammer commented that Brandi Glanville and Dorit Kemsley had not had tough first seasons. According to her, the two women were spared a lot of outrageous things they said during filming that the producers of their show chose to not air. However, according to Kemsley, there wasn't much truth to Grammer's post.

"Really!? Like what [Camille Grammer]?" Kemsley asked, further questioning her co-star about the ridiculous things she's said that haven't been seen on the show. Grammer then fired back at Kemsley, noting comments she had made during The Project Angel Food event. As Grammer pointed out, Kemsley's alleged comments were quite controversial and even Kyle Richards was concerned about Bravo Tv's potential decision to air them.

Dorit Kemsley continued to battle Grammer in the moments that followed her revelation, claiming that Grammer should get a hobby and labeling her statements as "sad and pathetic." "You sound terrible," Grammer replied, adding that her tweet was "disrespectful."

Camille Grammer gifted Dorit Kemsley with a ball gag last week

After Kemsley infamously called Grammer a "stupid c**t" during an unprovoked verbal attack at Kyle Richards' Bel Air home, Grammer fired back at her co-star, gifting her a ball gag during Lisa Vanderpump's birthday lunch during last week's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." As Grammer explained, she hoped Kemsley got her message and would shut her mouth.

Although Kemsley pulled a similar move when she gifted Erika Girardi with a pair of panties during season seven, she didn't take too kindly to Grammer's gift and complained about the incident.

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