People may recall all the backlash that Miley Cyrus, Vanity Fair, and famous photographer Annie Leibovitz received after shooting a controversial magazine cover back in 2008.

Fifteen-year-old Cyrus was shot seemingly topless, wrapped in a white satin sheet. There was also another photo of her nestled in her father Billy Ray Cyrus’s lap. According to E! News, many critics called the Photo Shoot “inappropriate.” Most likely because Cyrus was a young teen who at the time was most famous for her Disney Channel hit show, “Hannah Montana.”

Cyrus disagreed with those critics, saying that she thought the photos were “artsy.” She also called the photos "pretty and natural." It was not long after, though, that Cyrus was forced to publicly apologize.

E! News reports that Cyrus’ statement at the time stated, “I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed.” BuzzFeed reports that this sudden apology led many people to assume that she was forced into it in order to attempt to maintain her "wholesome" image.

Sorry not sorry

But yesterday (April 29), on the 10-year anniversary of the cover, Cyrus took to her social media platforms to retract the statement that she gave a decade ago. She posted a picture of the New York Post headline that stated, “Miley's Shame” accompanied by the infamous “topless” picture.

According to Buzzfeed, Miley wrote “IM NOT SORRY.

F—K YOU #10yearsago” Miley’s message is very clear. She is not actually sorry for the controversy (and probably never really was).

Fans of the famous pop singer also know that she was no stranger to public controversies over her many years in the business. Cyrus showed off a bit of a wild side after she broke away from her Disney image, even publicly admitting to drug use, experimenting with her sexuality and frequent partying.

Back to basics

But those days seem to be in the past for Cyrus, she is know staying clean and is very happily engaged and living in Malibu with her longtime on and off beau, Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus admitted that she wanted to go back to her roots with her newest hit single “Malibu,” a song about her simpler life and her special relationship with Hemsworth. A very different vibe than her crazy party “Bangerz” and “Wrecking Ball” image.

But this public un-apologetic statement regarding Vanity Fair proves that the outspoken Cyrus is still very much alive.