At the end of Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Neil winters made a stunning re-entry into Genoa City. As Devon and Hilary were arguing inside the athletic club, Neil walks through the revolving doors and chastises them for their childish behavior. Head writer Mal Young promised fans that he was going to give Kristoff St. John's character more airtime and meaty storylines. Mal Young has been giving viewers the can't miss episodes and cliffhanger Friday's that he promised and now a major character is back in the mix. No details have been brought forth, however, regarding how Neil will fit in with the changes that have taken place since he left town, but his new storylines will no doubt be exciting.

Neil comes back to Genoa City in grand style

Spoiler alerts reported, in March, that Kristoff St. John had returned to work on "Y&R" and that his first episodes would air in April. Nothing, however, was revealed as to how he would come back to Genoa City and no specific date was given for his return.There was not even a hint of what his first storyline would be. For this reason, his dramatic entrance probably caught many viewers by surprise.

On Tuesday, Devon was arguing with Hilary about the fact that she may already be pregnant with his child. They were in the athletic club where only moments before Ms. Curtis fainted. Devon helped her up but made it plain that if she is indeed expecting from their night together, it will still be a business arrangement only.

As they are arguing Neil suddenly appears in grand style, having just walked through the Athletic Club revolving doors.

Exciting storylines coming for Neil

While he was away, Neil's family dealt with a number of crisis situations. Cane and Lily dealt with Juliet's death and baby Sam's health crisis and eventually reunited. Devon and Hilary have been fighting their attraction while working together at Hamilton/Winters and Lily is also now in the family business.

It will probably be a shock when Neil finds out what he has been missing. His family may have kept him up to date in a general way but now he will be involved in the details.

His former wife and his son may have made a baby the old-fashioned way and his good friend Nikki murdered J.T. who tried to kill Victor. It will be interesting to see how Neil Winters will get back into the swing of things and what part he may play in the ongoing drama between the Abbots and the Newmans. Stay tuned to "Y&R" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to see the exciting storylines coming for Kristoff St. John's character.