Ever since season 4 of “The 100” ended with a clip of Clarke and a girl back on Earth, everyone has been wanting to know who she is. It takes some time into the season premier to find out, as Clarke still has some trials and tribulations to survive first. Yes, Clarke of course survives and is alive on Earth 3.0 and is on a mission to reach Polis, so she can live for the next five years with her mother. Upon arrival, however, there is nothing left but rubble, and she has no chance of ever being able to reach their underground bunker. She wonders if there is anything worth living for, as she sets off through the wasteland.

Clarke finds Eden

Through her travels back to her past haunts, Clarke battles storms, hunger, thirst, and loneliness. At one point when she is about to give up, she awakens to a buzzard pecking at her for a meal. She follows the bird knowing that there must be some life somewhere for the bird to be there. Eventually, she comes upon a green valley, an Eden of sorts in the desert, that must have, as Clarke says, been skipped over by Praimfaya.

She finds a village whose inhabitants have died from radioactivity, but otherwise everything else is lush with vegetation. She sets out to make her new home and finds a vibrant stream to bath in. She also finds the girl (a fellow Nightblood), everyone has been wondering about.

The girl is wild and will not come or speak to Clarke. She sets a bear trap for Clarke, injuring her leg and later manages to steal her gun and medical supplies as Clarke is sleeping. Clarke, in pain and frustrated at not being able to convince the girl that she poses no threat, sketches a picture of the girl, and leaves it for her by the stream.

Once Clarke leaves, the girl comes for the picture and smiles.

A new family emerges

Fast forward, and Clarke and Madi (we now know the girl’s name) are living to together as family and all is right in the world. They are happy and have bonded as mother and daughter. Clarke is teaching Madi all about the past through stories, and about the hopeful future they will have, if her friends can return from space.

Meanwhile, back in space, we find that Bellamy, Raven, Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori, and Echo are living and waiting for their chance to return to Earth. Emori is training with Raven who is conditioning with Echo, and Monty is still preparing food no one likes. We also find out that Bellamy and Echo are now an item and that has not played well with fans.

A new threat emerges

Bellamy and the gang spot another spacecraft and begin trying to communicate with it, but have no luck. They also notice that the spacecraft launches a landing ship that is heading down to Earth. The gang decides to use their fuel to try and dock with the mother-ship, not knowing who may be on board.

We quickly find out about these new arrivals. Clarke and Madi see the landing ship approaching and Clarke realizes it is a prisoner ship that was teased at the end of last season. She convinces Madi to hide until the danger is over while she makes plans and tries to figure out what their intentions are. The crew of the prisoner ship lands and begins searching the green valley that they had spotted from space.

Clarke hears a gunshot and knows they must have found Madi. She rushes to her aid. Madi tried to defend herself but has been captured by 2 of the prisoners. One wants to kill her while the other says she is just a kid and should be spared.

Clarke arrives, a fight ensues and the prisoner that wanted to kill Madi is dead. Clarke is holding a gun on the other prisoner and Madi says he is not bad. She tells Clarke that he tried to stop her from being shot. Clarke tells Madi that there are no good guys and shoots him in the head. They know others will be coming and head out. Clarke's idyllic existence is obviously over and she is back in full badass cutthroat mode.

In the teaser for next week, we get a glimpse of what has been going on in the bunker under Octavia’s control. Fasten your seatbelts!