With the Capitals up in the series 2-1, the NHL Stanley Cup finals continued in Washington DC for game 4. The streets of DC around the Capital One Arena remained in a perpetual party atmosphere, with fans soaking in the first potential championship for any local sports team in more than 20 years.

After the crushing blow that Capitals star Evgeny Kuznetsov took in game 2 of the series, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief, when he not only returned to the ice in game 3, but returned to form, playing an assisting, and scoring role in 2 of the Capitals 3 goals on the night.

The Golden Knights, who had not lost two straight games in the playoffs up until the game 3 loss were looking to bounce back to even the series before returning to Vegas. A hint of desperation hung over the ice, as they did not want to return home on the verge of elimination.

Early luck helps Capitals in the first period

The Golden Knights knew they had to start fast in game 4 in their quest to even the series. They came out firing on Capitals Goaltender Braden Holtby, and with just over four minutes played in the game, James Neal thought he had Holtby beat on a point-blank open power-play shot.

The Washington Post wrote that the puck, however, did not get into the net. Washington fans were thinking that it may have been another remarkable save. Replays, however, showed that Neal did, in fact, beat Holtby, but the post stopped Las Vegas from gaining an early lead.

The Golden Knights continued their furious level of play, but the Capitals withstood the barrage of attacks and managed to counter with three goals in the first period which left Las Vegas reeling.

Capitals continued to beat Marc-Andre Fleury

Washington continued to stymy the Golden Knights, holding them scoreless in the second period, while defenseman John Carlson added a goal to put the Capitals up 4-0 heading into the final period.

The third period turned into a slugfest with Las Vegas finally getting on the board with two goals, only to be answered by the Capitals with two more goals against Vegagoaltenderer Marc-Andre Fleury. The final minutes of the Capitals 6-2 victory was filled with the teams trading fists and hits instead of goals.

The Capitals now need to win just one of the next three games to win their first ever NHL Stanley Cup and bring a championship home to Washington, Your Eirie wrote. The Golden Knights, however, are not going to go easily into the night, and game 5 on their home ice is going to be intense. They can come back, but the predictions that Vegas would win the cup in 6 games is now a losing bet.