As the new synopsis of The 100Season 5 has been released, it looks like Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) is going to face the unknown. It has been six years since Armageddon happened, and the Earth is now gradually coping and coming back to life.

The medical apprentice is going to meet the first batch of the survivors after the events of the By the looks of it, there are a lot of things happening on the planet in the return of the post-apocalypse television series.

The team’s safety

Fortunately, Clarke Griffin survived with the young Nightblood Madi (Imogen Tear).

Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), on the other hand, is still waiting for his chance to get back home along with the other survivors somewhere in the Ark. Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) and her group are also believed to have survived the nuclear apocalypse and staying safely inside the bunker.

A new set of enemies

Fans also have to recall the moment Eliza Taylor’s character was looking up to the sky and saw an unknown spaceship. It has not yet been revealed who is inside the spacecraft, but there are swirling rumors that they are actually another set of enemies coming in “The 100” Season 5.

Inquisitr cited Bleeding Cool, as confirming that the prisoner ship is going to be a major focus. Inquisitr wrote, "it hints that Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) will be the Grounder this time around."

If the rumors are true, then Clarke Griffin will have to face a bunch of planet invaders.

However, it is to be seen if they will be able to defeat these new scoundrels.

In an interview with TVLine, the show’s executive producer Jason Rothenberg revealed that the rocket ship’s passengers are all angry prisoners. "We will definitely tell their story,” he told the publication. He also added that some of them will be “probably angry.” These alleged jailbirds are all eyeing to go home back to Earth alive.

The show’s writer also explained that the new season will be featuring a reboot of the series’ entire story. When they first came to the ground, the 100 were all prisoners. They thought they were all alone, but they actually had some company. “We screw with people's perspectives,” he admitted. The convicts started as antagonists, but the EP revealed that they had “dimensionalize them” like they had done with the other bad guys.

Meanwhile, aside from the alien craft, which is allegedly full of prisoners, fans are about to see a change of characters in “The 100” Season 5. This is mainly because of the time that they have all been apart. The fifth season of the post-apocalyptic television series is expected to return in 2018 on The CW.