Teen Mom: young and pregnant” is the newest show in the MTV franchise. It is getting mixed reviews, but there are several viewers invested in the spin-off. Several of the stars have been arrested while being filmed, many of them from various shows. From domestic violence to drugs, hearing that a “Teen Mom” star has been arrested isn't breathtaking. It is almost expected at this point, which isn't something to be happy about.

Murder charges

While the show “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” is new, but the arrest connected to it is almost a year old.

Bariki Smith is currently at a standstill with baby mama, Ashley Jones. They are known for his mom feuding with his baby mama. Smith's older brother, Troy Seales, was arrested on murder charges last September. According to Radar Online, the incident happened in August. The victim was shot while driving in Oakland, California. Seales has pled not guilty, and he is currently facing a jury trial.

It appears that the closing arguments were set to happen sometime this morning as a plea from Troy Seales' mom was put out to family members to attend court and support him. Bariki Smith was likely to be there along with other relatives. There was also a fundraising page made so that Seales would be able to get a fair trial, and Radar reports that $6,500 of the $10,000 goal has been raised.

It looks like Smith's brother isn't the only one on trial for the murder of Deandre Adams. There is another man standing trial as well, but it is unclear what his involvement may have been.

The future

Right now, it is unclear whether or not Troy Seales will be acquitted, or if he will be sentenced on murder charges. Bariki Smith has not talked about the situation much at all.

In fact, many fans were completely unaware his brother was locked up awaiting a murder trial. The next few weeks will be important for the family as they learn the fate of their loved one. Ashley Jones has not commented on the situation, but fans are waiting for it. After all of the drama she has with Smith's mom, she is probably itching to have something to say.

The fate of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” remains unknown. With the way things are going, the network hasn't made any final decisions. Fans seem invested in the mom's lives, which may mean another version of “Teen Mom OG” or “Teen Mom 2” could come out of this. MTV takes care of the stars of the shows that do well and this cast may have hit the jackpot with this one.