The fans of "Breaking Amish" have seen Carmela and Jeremiah Raber go through their ups and downs. The couple is now working on their relationship and trying to fix things. Blasting News got the chance to talk to Jeremiah Raber and he explained that he has gotten rid of all of his property in Florida and made the move to Washington to be near Carmela. He said, "My marriage is more important than any material thing." Carmela wants to be in Washington to be with her children and family, so Jeremiah moved to be where she needs to be.

What is this couple doing?

Jeremiah Raber shared that they are going through marriage counseling and at this time they are not living together. He is in the same area as her, but they are living separately until they get things worked out. He said, "Since I've been out here I have not seen her kids. We are strictly keeping it between me and her until all counseling is done." Jeremiah spends time with her during the day while her children are at school and then they are going to counseling together. It sounds like things are going well so far.

Jeremiah went on to say, "We're going to do things right this time." It sounds like both Jeremiah and Carmela are really focused on fixing their marriage and they are doing everything that it takes to get it done.

It sounds like marriage counseling and just focusing on their relationship is the best way for this couple to do things right. They have had some issues in the past and really want to keep from that happening again.

What is Jeremiah doing?

Right now, Jeremiah Raber is putting all of his efforts into fixing his relationship. When asked if he would do another season of "Return to Amish," he said he was open to the idea.

The fans would really love to see Jeremiah and Carmela work on fixing their relationship and it all be done on camera.

So far, TLC hasn't shared the news about another season either way. This channel is known for not putting out any news until the season is already filmed and about to start airing. They haven't said it was canceled either, so that is pretty promising.

TLC won't even share any news until they are ready.

Are you surprised to hear that Jeremiah and Carmela are working on their relationship? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Hopefully, news about another season of "Return to Amish" on TLC will come out soon, but until then the fans will just have to watch social networks for updates on the cast.