Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been through a lot in their lives. Childhood trauma they both experienced brought them together when their parents got married. They have been in love since middle school and the pressure of life has gotten to them. Lowell has been battling severe mental health issues for years and after her miscarriage in November, things have spiraled downhill. Baltierra has been left to pick up the pieces and raise their daughter, Novalee, while Catelynn seeks help.

Their relationship

Last night, “Teen Mom OG” aired the season finale.

Next week, the reunion will be shown. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra had a rough conversation during the finale. She revealed that she needed to return to Arizona for more help after already being gone six weeks. Lowell missed the holidays with her family and returned home to Baltierra and Novalee in January. After being home only a few days, she made the decision to head back to treatment. This was not something Baltierra was ready to hear.

When Tyler Baltierra confided in his sister, Amber about the status at home, she was quick to agree with her. It was apparent that Baltierra felt like Catelyn Lowell was jumping the gun and should try therapy at home before leaving again for an undetermined amount of time.

His concerns were for his daughter who was having a hard time with her mom being gone for so long. Lowell expressed her fear that Tyler would try and divorce her because of everything going on. He assured her that was not on his mind, but after hearing what he said to his sister, “Teen Mom OG” fans wondered how much more he'd be willing to take.

Moving forward

With Tyler Baltierra questioning whether or not he was the man for Catelyn Lowell, there are some fans who are wondering if the couple will last. Right now, it looks like things are going well. She has been home from treatment for a few weeks and seems to be adjusting well according to social media posts. In fact, Baltierra and Lowell found themselves in a bit of controversy over their flirtatious ways on Twitter.

Of course, they are targets for trolls since their life is aired on “Teen Mom OG.” Lowell did attend the reunion taping with Baltierra, so an update will likely be given then about her mental health status. It was taped the first weekend in March, so roughly six weeks have passed since they were sitting in front of Dr. Drew Pinsky. With all of the ups and downs this season, this is one reunion you won't want to miss.