It was a country music divorce for the ages when superstars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton suddenly announced that they had divorced back in 2015. Of course, Blake Shelton moved on quickly with “The Voice” co-host Gwen Stefani. It took Miranda a little while longer, working her heartbreak into new songs for her smash double album, “The Weight of These Wings.” Then, she got together with fellow crooner, Anderson East, and all seemed right in the world of love again. Their young romance even inspired some of her songwriting.

A romance blossoms

In late 2015, Miranda’s social media posts started shedding the spotlight on her new romance, posting picture after picture of Anderson East.

They were everywhere together, from award shows to her home outside of Nashville, which she purchased after her divorce from Blake Shelton. The admiration was mutual, with Anderson East posting how proud he was of her and her many award wins.

Anderson even joined Miranda on tour occasionally in 2017, singing duets together. Through 2017, even with tabloids swirling with split rumors, baby rumors and getting back with Blake rumors, the couple remained strong, at least as far as one could tell by their social media posts. They celebrated their 2-year anniversary in September 2017 and all looked to be smooth sailing.

A romance dead?

By early 2018, any mentions of each other on social media stopped.

Lambert’s last post mentioning Anderson East came in January. East’s last post about Miranda, came much earlier, in November of 2017.

Although neither Miranda nor Anderson have said a word publicly on the status of their relationship, sources close to both have reportedly told media outlets that the two have been spending a lot of time apart.

They say that their hectic schedules may be taking them permanently in opposite directions as far as romance is concerned.

Many of the responses to Twitter posts about the rumored breakup have been met by fans with skepticism. The most common responses being that the rumors are old news. Fans hold on to the fact that neither party has publicly said anything about the status of their relationship.

Whether or not Miranda and Anderson are still a couple, fans are very excited about Miranda’s contribution to the new Elton John, Bernie Taupin tribute album, “Restoration.” Miranda performs a stunning version of “My Father’s Gun.”

Only time will tell about the status of Miranda’s love life, but as far as her music career, it's full steam ahead.