Dr. Drew attempted to encourage Ryan Edwards to seek treatment post-rehab during last night's episode of the "Teen Mom OG" season 8A reunion. Unfortunately, Edwards appeared to be completely uninterested in pursuing a recovery plan for his future and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, was more concerned with talking down to the doctor than her husband's drug struggles.

In a clip from "Teen Mom OG" shared on April 17, Standifer touted her holier than thou attitude as she attempted to suggest that Dr. Drew had suggested two opposing points of action to her husband, Edwards, who spent time in rehab in 2017 but hasn't seemed to be proactive about his recovery in the months since.

Unfortunately for Standifer, the doctor quickly put her in her place after she attempted to discredit him on stage.

"Mackenzie are you ready to listen to me?" he asked as she attempted to ramble on, mimicking something he had previously said.

Mackenzie Standifer thinks she knows better than the doctor

When Dr. Drew began to make his statements clear, Mackenzie Standifer looked shocked and asked him, "Excuse me?" She then looked disgusted and turned to her husband who quickly told her to "just relax." She then gave a bit of a laugh before telling her husband she would not relax. Meanwhile, the doctor continued to try and have a decent conversation with her.

As Standifer continued to huff and puff as she wiggled around in her chair, the doctor and reunion host pointed out that taking the drug Methodone under doctor supervision was much different than using the drug at leisure.

He then pointed out that if Edwards was unwilling to be treated for his drug addiction, he should be on medication management.

While the doctor continued to give his medical advice, Mackenzie Standifer downplayed what he was saying and gave a few smirks here and there. Edwards' mom, Jen Edwards, then stepped in and claimed her son was on medication.

As for why Edwards is refusing a drug test for Maci Bookout, that remains unclear.

Ryan Edwards was recently arrested

Shortly after he and his family traveled to New York City to appear on the "Teen Mom OG" reunion, the longtime reality star was taken into custody in Chattanooga, Tennessee due to a past heroin arrest. During a recent season of the show, Edwards admitted to using heroin and spending $10,000 weekly on his habit. Although Edwards entered rehab last May, it is unclear whether or not he's stayed sober.