Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is certainly a woman of strength and can hold her own quite well on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." If anyone is going to survive on the show, she must have thick skin and shrug off the barrage of negativity. As the season plays out, however, her vulnerabilities are exposed. It's evident a cast member has sensitive feelings like everyone else.

Teddi was initially hurt by Dorit's swimsuit diss

In part one of the "rhobh" season 8 reunion on Tuesday, Teddi Mellencamp admitted that when Dorit Kemsley didn't name one of her swimsuits after her, it hurt at first.

She understood that she and Dorit weren't friends, but it was a mean thing to do in leaving her out of naming swimsuits after the other women on the show.

Teddi doesn't 'actively dislike' Dorit

Teddi writes in her new blog post on Bravo that she wanted to own her part in the feud she had with Dorit in season 8 of "RHOBH." She started by writing that she's aware that she had "some interview moments" when she voiced some "shady things," but let fans know that those clips are aired so they can see what/how they feel "in the moment." It's intended to let the audience know what someone is "feeling in the moment." Mellencamp went on that she tries to do it with a sense of humor, but clarified that she didn't ever "make it seem as if I actively disliked Dorit" in the interviews or whenever she wasn't around.

On a good note, Teddi Mellencamp doesn't believe Dorit is "malicious," and even stated that they have a "good time together." The newest cast member of "RHOBH" did say that she thinks Dorit "should go into politics, because she can masterfully spin any situation."

Tears flowed 14 minutes into the reunion

Teddi Mellencamp wrote that it was about 14 minutes into the reunion before she started to shed tears.

Her emotion was strictly over her IVF journey and whether she should have another baby. Her son wants a sibling and her husband wants another child as well. She's unsure about going through with the process over again. Teddi notes as well that she's "not getting any younger."

Looks can be deceiving

Mellencamp joked on her Instagram account that while her face shows she "survived" the "RHOBH" reunion, her dress was a different story!

She didn't look especially thrilled in the image, as seen below. The expression on her face says she'd rather be somewhere else than standing beside her fellow cast members.

Tune in to part two of "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" season 8 reunion when it airs on Tuesday, May 1 at 9 PM, ET.