Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina are quickly gaining traction in becoming “Teen Mom OG” fan-favorites. The two are the primary caregivers for Leah Shirley, the daughter he shares with Amber Portwood. Gary was handed his daughter to raise alone while her mom went to prison, and so far, he has done a good job. Portwood has been in and out of the picture since getting out of prison, but Leah remains living with her dad, step-mother, and little sister.

Baby fever

The “Teen Mom” franchise is filled with baby fever because there are so many new babies on the way.

From Amber Portwood expecting her second child to Chelsea Houska expecting her third, everyone is feeling the overwhelming flood of emotions. Kristina Shirley tweeted about feeling the baby fever as well which sparked rumors of a baby on the way with Gary Shirley. The two have not talked too much about adding to their family, but fans think it is a wonderful idea. They just bought a big house with plenty of farmland. Shirley and his wife have space if they choose to have more children.

As of now, it looks like Kristina Shirley isn't pregnant. That doesn't mean it is completely ruled out, but she was just voicing her baby fever along with the rest of the viewers who keep hearing of another “Teen Mom” baby.

Gary Shirley and his wife were called out by Amber Portwood for the way they spoke about her on camera. There have been complaints about the lack of consistency with her and Leah, but that isn't only something they are worried about. Fans have been calling out Portwood for years. Unfortunately, the Twitter comments got nasty and it took Gary being the bigger person and apologizing for the way he talked about Amber.

That seemed to smooth things over for now.

The reunion

The “Teen Mom OG” season finale airs Monday night. The reunion show was taped at the beginning of March. It has not been confirmed whether or not Gary and Kristina Shirley will be in attendance. Amber Portwood was not there due to being sick from her pregnancy. This is also when Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer announced they are expecting prior to everyone else finding out.

Shirley has been involved with the “Teen Mom” tapings, so it is likely he will have shown up. Kristina may have stayed behind, especially if time with her other daughter was scheduled for the same weekend. She has missed a lot because of her obligations, and that has won her a bunch of points with fans.