The cast of "Vanderpump Rules," and the show's many viewers, have been poking fun at scheana marie's obsession with Robert Parks-Valletta throughout the show's currently airing sixth season -- and they weren't the only ones. During a recent episode of Scheana's podcast series, the longtime reality star revealed that her own mother labeled her a "crazy person" after witnessing her antics online.

After getting defensive about her relationship and how much Valletta adored her on Twitter, Scheana was confronted by her mother, who encouraged her to take a break from Twitter and stop making herself look like a "crazy person." Shortly thereafter, Scheana allowed her younger sister to take over her pages and begin managing her social media postings.

Scheana Marie has been quite active on social media, including her Snapchat account, for the past several weeks. So, when it comes to when she deleted her pages, it's truly hard to say.

Scheana Marie previously deleted social media

“I deleted Instagram and Twitter,” she revealed, adding that she did so due to the backlash she received over her short-lived relationship with actor Robert Parks-Valletta. "It was just so many opinions and negativity,” she explained.

While Scheana Marie enjoyed a much needed break from social media as her relationship played out on "Vanderpump Rules," the break didn't last long and ultimately, she missed the positive feedback she's received from her supportive fans.

As she explained, she missed seeing fans get excited by her liking their posts or responding to their inquiries.

Scheana Marie split from Rob Valletta in August 2017

Scheana fell hard for her boyfriend at the end of 2016, just weeks after splitting from ex-husband Mike Shay, but while she appeared completely over the moon in love, he didn't seem to reciprocate her feelings.

In fact, he told Jax Taylor on the show that he wasn't ready to say "I love you" to her -- even several months into their relationship.

In response to Taylor bringing up her then-boyfriend's comments on the show, Scheana Marie insisted that Parks-Valletta had told her he loved her and proclaimed that he "f****** adores me!" Still, despite her claims, Scheana was dumped by the man she thought would be her second husband just weeks after the scene was shot.

To see more of Scheana Marie and her co-stars, don't miss Monday night's finale episode of "Vanderpump Rules" season six at 9 PM on Bravo TV.