scheana marie is admitting that she was blinded by love during her short-lived romance with actor Robert Parks-Valletta, who she spoke of marrying numerous times throughout season six of "Vanderpump Rules." On Twitter on April 8, the longtime reality star and actress responded to a fan who suggested that she appeared naive during recent episodes of the show because she was in love.

"Leave [Scheana Marie] alone! Love is blind!" the Twitter user wrote. "Like [Taylor Swift] says, 'Don’t blame me, love made me crazy.'" In response, Scheana wrote, "Amen sista!

BLIND AF!!!" She then said that she was happy to admit it finally. "I can admit it and laugh about it now," she explained to the fans. "We broke up in August. Let’s all move on..."

Scheana Marie and Robert Parks-Valletta began their romance just weeks after fans learned she was ending her marriage to Mike Shay and a short time later, they made their debut as a couple at the "Bronzeville" premiere in Los Angeles. Parks-Valletta then began filming with Scheana on "Vanderpump Rules" season six.

Robert Parks-Valletta was accused of cheating

Just after fans met Parks-Valletta for the first time in season six, the actor was accused of cheating on Scheana with a woman at a nightclub in Los Angeles who he reportedly kissed.

As soon as Scheana heard the rumor, she immediately denied the allegations against her now-ex-boyfriend, claiming the report couldn't be true since he doesn't like kissing. Scheana then said that if Parks-Valletta's lips did touch another woman's lips, it likely happened by accident when he was greeting her.

Robert dumped Scheana Marie in August 2017

Just weeks after Scheana gushed over the actor to her co-stars and spoke about how they had named their first child and gone house hunting, Parks-Valletta chose to end their relationship. Since then, he has raised questions on Instagram by liking posts that label his former girlfriend as obsessive and crazy.

Meanwhile, Scheana has maintained on her own page that her feelings for her ex were reciprocated. She's also made it clear that they could get back together at some point in the future.

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