A Husband And Wife have come forward to report what they saw while taking their dog for a walk in the Pine Barrens section of New Jersey. The creature had all the makings of a Bigfoot when compared to the descriptions reported in past sightings. It walked upright, was covered with hair, and it stood about six-feet-tall.

The sighting was just registered with Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization database, according to Fox News. The encounter occurred on April 7 and it mirrors what other witnesses to a Bigfoot sighting have reported throughout the decades.

The Pine Barrens in New Jersey is an eerie place, made to seem even creepier by an episode of "Sopranos" when Pauly and Christopher became lost in those woods one cold winter night. While the "Soprano's" episode is one that fans of the show won't forget, it is the real-life event that a woman named Tricia and her husband recently experienced that is making the news today.

Walking their dog in Pine Barrens

The couple had taken their dog to the Pine Barrens for a walk and while they were just starting to drive away from the wooded wilderness, Tricia saw something sprint behind their car. It happened in a split second, said the woman, who is still creeped out by what she saw.

Big, tall, and hairy

It was Bigfoot walking on two legs, it was full of hair from head to toe and it standing at least six-feet-tall as it made that sprint behind their car.

Probably the most unsettling thing about this sighting is that the creature emerged from the area that the husband and wife had just left.

Tricia said how at first, she thought her eyes were "playing tricks on her," but she just couldn't shake that feeling. Bigfoot is an odd creature for many reasons. Mostly because it is a creature sighted hundreds of times by many reputable people over decades and decades, yet there is still no tangible scientific proof of a Bigfoot existence.

'Finding Bigfoot' falls short

According to the website Reality Blurred, the show that is aired on the Animal Planet Channel "Finding Bigfoot" is ending with the series finale on May 27. The show, which has traveled everywhere to find evidence of this Bigfoot creature will end without ever finding one.

Sure, they have evidence of footprints, but they've never actually captured one on film, to date, it seems that nobody has.

In today's world, this is rather odd since almost everyone has access to a camera through their cell phone.

Too many cameras today

It is not like decades ago when people reported coming across a Bigfoot while walking or hiking in the woods without a camera. Today everyone has a camera with them via the cell phone. Still, with sightings of this creature all over the world and the Bigfoot descriptions being so similar, it is hard to discard the claims as hoaxes.

Bigfoot still a mystery

The Pine Barrens is a very desolate and isolated place that has been an area of Bigfoot sightings in the past. The people reporting on these sightings are normal everyday folks. The husband and wife had nothing to gain by coming forward with their claim this weekend, they didn't release their names to the public, so it wasn't attention this couple wanted. So what is up with Bigfoot? Is he really out there?