Mal Young, the new head writer for "The Young and the Restless" promised can't-miss episodes and he is indeed a man of his word. The action, adventure, and drama in genoa city just heated up with the murder of J.T. Helstrom. Phyllis has convinced Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria to hide the truth from Paul Williams and now the frenemies must work together in order to cover their tracks. These women who do not always get along are going to work together to hide the dead body and keep each other out of jail. "Y&R" fans, however, know that they will one day have to answer for their crimes and the truth will eventually come out.

Victor Newman's wife, daughter, and two former daughters-in-law will be found out.

Nikki's crime gets covered up

On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Phyllis convinced Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria that they cannot tell anyone about J.T.'s fate. She says that Paul and Christine will not believe that Mr. Helstrom was attacking Vicky because she has no wounds. She points out that the Williams' will twist the truth and use it to nail Victor. Sharon says that Paul is a cop first and even Nikki admits he may no longer be loyal to her as a friend.

The frenemies argue over what action to take and eventually they accept Nikki's suggestion to dump the body at Chancellor Park. These four women who don't agree have decided to collude in order to cover up the fact that J.T.

was hit in the head with a poker by his former mother-in-law. They have pushed both Nick and Mariah out of the house so they can carry out their devious plan.

Phyllis led the women astray

Victoria is in shock because she loved and trusted J.T and cannot believe he tried to murder her father. Nikki is stunned because she killed her own father and now has taken another life.

Sharon is caught in the middle while Phyllis is pulling all the strings. Deep down they all know she has led them astray but it is too late to turn back now. On Tuesday the women dropped Mr. Helstrom's lifeless body into a large hole at Chancellor Park. They believe they have buried their problem but things are only beginning to heat up in Genoa City.

collusion, murder, cover-ups, and deception are going to reign for a season on "The Young and the Restless." During this period viewers will have fun watching the women try to stay one step ahead of the GCPD. At some point, however, someone in town should find it very strange that these four women are now forming a bond. Nick and Mariah are already suspicious so stay tuned for the fireworks.