Graduation is coming up quickly for many college students. With finals to study for, last minute projects to finish, and a hunt for jobs, now is the time to binge-watch TV. It will help give the mind a break from all that studying, and may be one of the last chances for a while for people to watch TV before their lives get too busy. Keep school on the mind still by checking out some college shows that could provide you with some inspiration.

‘The Best Years’

Starring Charity Shea, "The Best Years" aired on The N in the U.S. It was produced by "Degrassi: The Next Generation" writer, Aaron Martin.

Samantha Best (Shea) did her best to navigate college life as she found friendships and relationships. She was at university on a scholarship, unlike many of her peers. Surrounded by drama, Samantha did all she could to survive life at the school. The show had a great first season, but with many cast members moving on to do other projects, the second season didn’t have the same impact and it was axed. Episodes can be found on YouTube, and Amazon provides access to the series as well.

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’

While the show started with the cast in high school, the ten-season hit depicted college life as well.

The college years in "Beverly Hills, 90210" started in season 4, so viewers can skip to that point if they want to cut out the high school drama. The show was extremely popular when it aired and remains so to this day. It starred Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering, and many more stars. Hulu currently has all ten seasons available.

The show was so popular, they even made several continuations and remakes, and it got its own mobile game.


Airing for four seasons on ABC Family (Now Freeform), "Greek" depicted all things sorority and fraternity. Rusty Cartwright, played by Jacob Zachar, arrives to the same college his sister (Spencer Grammer) goes to, only to end up tied into her world.

He even ends up dating her best friend. He pledges to a fraternity so he can start anew in college and leave his nerdy demeanor back in high school, although it still seems to follow him despite his efforts.

College students looking to take some time away from studying should binge these shows about college. They could provide some inspiration, or simply act as a distraction from the impending graduation requirements yet to be met. Check out these three or find some other college-related television choices during your next binge-watching session.