Ryan Edwards is doing next to nothing to ensure his sobriety and has blamed his seemingly careless decision on "Teen Mom OG." In a just-released sneak peek at next week's reunion special for season seven, Edwards is seen sitting down with his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, to discuss his addiction struggles and non-existent recovery plan with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

"I still talk to my therapist that was in treatment with me. I'll call him up every once in a while now. It used to be a lot more. Now, it's every once in a while but I have Mackenzie and my mom and dad," Edwards explained to the reunion host.

Right away, the doctor, who previously hosted addiction-based shows, including "Celebrity Rehab" and "Rehab," was concerned and pointed out that Edwards was certainly told to do much more than that last year when he left rehab after treating his addiction to heroin.

"I'm sure they advised you to do more than that," Dr. Drew Pinsky told Ryan Edwards. "Yeah," he replied. "We went through that counseling. It's honestly hard to find a counselor because of this TV show."

"Yeah," his wife agreed.

Is Ryan Edwards lying about being unable to find a therapist?

"They was just like, 'I'm not going to see you because I don't think the TV show and you are a good idea,'" Edwards continued. Still, Dr. Drew Pinsky insisted that Edwards look for more options and secure a recovery program for himself and his future.

"I'd still encourage you to go out and find somebody," he said. Dr. Pinsky then pointed out that Edwards' story about being unable to find a therapist didn't make much sense. "I mean, that's a very strange move. At the very least, you could commit to them that you wouldn't bring cameras in," he explained.

At that point, Mackenzie Standifer stepped in, insisting that her husband was turned down and claiming that Edwards was actually shamed for being a reality star.

"They just said that 'Addicts are selfish and [Ryan Edwards] is selfish and this show makes him selfish.' So, [Ryan] couldn't be a part of the group unless he quit."

Dr. Pinsky noted that other celebrities have had no problem finding help

"What about going to 12 step?" Dr. Drew Pinsky asked. "I just don't... I mean...," Ryan stammered.

"It's free, it's available everywhere. I wouldn't give up," the doctor continued. In closing, he added that he knows tons of people who have acted in television shows and in movies who have still "easily" found people who are willing to be of assistance to them.