Ryan Edwards' life continues in turmoil as he continues to struggle with his drug abuse issues. It was clear to viewers of "Teen Mom OG" that Ryan desperately needs to get help, and fast. It appears that Ryan Edwards continues to have his wife (Mackenzie Standifer) and his parents (Jen and Larry) completely fooled by his lies and deceit.

Ryan Edwards' support system is failing him

As previously reported, things for the "Teen Mom OG" cast member are not going well. It was recently announced that he and wife Mackenzie Standifer are expecting a baby boy (whose name will be Jagger) in October.

Edwards was arrested on heroin-related charges, had a protection order placed against him by his ex, Maci Bookout, and was busted in a Tinder cheating scandal.

Dr. Drew fears the worst for Ryan

It seems that everyone is showing concern for Ryan Edwards these days, including Debra Danielsen's husband, Dr. David Merz. According to In Touch reports, Debra spoke with the celebrity news magazine and revealed her thoughts on Ryan Edwards. She revealed that it is hard not to hear all kinds of things from a lot the people she knows that are connected to the cast.

But the remarks that upset her the most came from her husband David. Deb claims that David stated that Ryan is a "Dead Man walking."

"That really hurt me.

I felt really bad, because these people are like my family to me." Debra Danielsen said, in speaking of the "Teen Mom" cast.

What will Ryan's rock bottom be?

She also revealed that she believes Ryan Edwards' entire family, Mackenzie, Jen, Larry, and Maci, need to band together and stage an intervention.

"I think what needs to happen here is maybe Mackenzie's parents and [Ryan's parents] Jen and Larry get together with Mackenzie and maybe Maci, find a counselor, and maybe stage an intervention that looks a lot like tough love," she explained.

They first have to face the reality of how serious Ryan's addiction issues really are. If they continue to deny and coddle Ryan as they have been, David's opinion on Edwards' situation is most likely going to be accurate.

However, most importantly, Ryan Edwards has to want to help himself, and until that happens, nothing anyone says or does is going to have any effect on him.

Hopefully, when "Teen Mom OG" returns for the new season, viewers will see Ryan Edwards return as a new and improved version of himself, not only for his sake, but for the sake of his son Bentley, and new baby boy.

What are your thoughts on Debra Danielson's comments? Is there any hope for Ryan Edwards?