In part one of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 8 reunion, the rehashing of the so-called competition for friendship among Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley played out. Erika Girardi discussed her new book, Teddi Mellencamp went over the painful decision over whether to have another IVF treatment, and Lisa Rinna talked about being a strong woman who strives to be an example for her daughters. In all, the tension was just beginning.

In part two of the "rhobh" reunion, things will go up a notch in nastiness. A preview of the episode shows one cast member in particular spewing f-bombs.

The scenes can be seen in a video below.

'RHOBH' season 8 reunion spoilers

Camille Grammer will be joining the cast and spoilers suggest she gives Andy Cohen an "unexpected gift." What will he open up and find inside?

According to the synopsis posted on Bravo, "strong emotions persist as Dorit and Teddi struggle to sort out a year of misunderstandings." Kyle will share the ordeal of having her new home burglarized late last year. Vanderpump will be in the "hot seat" having to defend herself over "Dorit's betrayal."

Part two of the "RHOBH" reunion will show some intense moments between the ladies. The previews begins with Camille questioning someone about attitude.

"Why are you giving me attitude about that?" Camille fiercely asks someone on the other side of Andy.

It's unknown if it's Dorit or Erika -- most likely Dorit -- whom she's dismissed as being overbearing on more than one occasion throughout the season.

"You know what, f*** you," Erika says. She's signaling to Dorit when she makes the remark. The camera then shifts to Rinna and Teddi, who look stunned.

Dorit confronts Vanderpump

A bemused Dorit tells Vanderpump that she was supposed to be featured in her magazine."Why would I want you in my magazine for my jewelry collection?" Vanderpump snaps back at Dorit.

Teddi and Erika get fired up

Another shot shows Teddi trying to get a word in edgewise with presumably Erika. "And here I am trying to voice my opinion," Teddi says.

Erika is seen biting back, "Either raise up or get the f*** out. Come on girl."

A second scene of Erika in the "RHOBH" reunion shows her telling off someone across from her, which is thought again to be Teddi. "I do treat you the same. I'm rude to everybody, join the f*****' club. There you go," Erika rants.

On a lighter note, Andy brings up the subject of breast implants. Teddi admits that she just got "210cc" implants. The subject might have come up from a viewer's question that Andy often reads on the show.

Kyle overcome with emotion

In other spoilers for part two of the reunion, Kyle is seen with tears in her eyes and says that she thinks it's "unfair to talk about them, honestly." It's hard to tell with those words if she's talking about the burglary or her TV project, "American Woman," which has resulted in family issues for Kyle. Whatever topic is being discussed, it moves Dorit to tears as well.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 8 reunion, part two, airs on Tuesday, May 1 on Bravo at 9 PM, ET.