It's no secret that Donald Trump and the overwhelming majority of Celebrities out in Hollywood don't see eye to eye. One actor who has been vocal in his opposition to the president has been Robert De Niro, who didn't hold back his thoughts during his most recent interview.

De Niro on Trump

From the day Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, he quickly received backlash from Hollywood after referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." For the rest of the election, many celebrities used their popularity to rally the American people against Trump and his policies, but the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to pull off the upset win over Hillary Clinton, though controversy has since followed.

Robert De Niro was one of those actors who voiced his disdain for Trump, referring to him as a bigot who doesn't deserve to be president.

As reported by Mediaite on April 4, Robert De Niro was interviewed by Indiewire where he was asked about the current state of the country, including the Parkland shooting, Donald Trump and his supporters, as well as the recent revival of "Roseanne." "The people that I care about are those young people who demonstrated," De Niro explained, in reference to the recent gun control protests led by the students of Parkland, Florida.

"They’re the ones that feel the way we do, not the way the gun lovers and the NRA do," he continued, labeling the conservative NRA message as "idiocy" and "absurdity"

De Niro on Roseanne

Robert De Niro was then asked about the return of "Roseanne," with lead actress Roseanne Bar being a supporter of Donald Trump on and off the screen.

"I've never seen her show before," De Niro admitted, before adding "I didn’t know she was supporting Trump, but I have no interest in that."

"We’re at a point with all of us this where it’s beyond trying to see another person’s point of view" Robert De Niro said of supporters of the president, while adding, "it comes from Trump." "I don’t care about Roseanne," he added, while noting, "We have real issues in this country."

Moving forward

While most of Hollywood, with the exception of Roseanne and a few others, continue to speak out against Donald Trump, the president has many other issues to worry about.

In recent days, the issue of immigration reform has returned to the headlines, with Trump signing an executive order on Wednesday that ordered military troops to the southern border. In addition, Trump is still dealing with the fallout from allegations linking him to an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, as well as his reckless behavior on social media.