The smart and witty drama, "Suits," just had its Season 7 mid-season premiere, and it did not start out on the best note for Harvey and Donna fans. After seven seasons of wishing for a Harvey and Donna relationship to bloom, there does not seem to be any chance of that any time soon. The mid-season finale of season 7 featured a very much anticipated kiss between Harvey and Donna. As fans of the show know, Harvey is currently in a relationship with his former psychiatrist, Dr. Paula Agard. While Harvey's morals are not always stellar, the one thing his character does not endorse is infidelity.

Harvey's reaction to Donna's kiss

Although fans probably didn't know how Harvey would react to the very unexpected kiss from his ex-secretary, Donna, there is a good chance viewers did not expect him to get that mad. Harvey was furious at Donna for the entire episode because she turned him into a cheater. Harvey's mother was a serial cheater, and Harvey always made it known that he had a difficult relationship with his mom because of it. Now Donna has put him in a position that makes him uncomfortable considering he is in a relationship with another woman.

What does this mean for the possible Donna and Harvey work relationship?

Although Donna and Harvey always worked so well together in the past, with Donna being Harvey's lifeline in so many different ways, this kiss seems to have affected the way that Harvey acts around Donna at work.

In the mid-season premiere, he lost his temper with her and treated her with disrespect. While Donna seems to want to keep her personal life away from work after the recent kiss, Harvey seems to be having a harder time forgetting about it.

Donna has always been the very self-assured, confident woman that Harvey could rely on when times were difficult.

This new episode showed that perhaps both Donna and Harvey are struggling to figure out what they want. So what will happen to the firm if this animosity continues? Luckily, the mid-season premiere is just the start of the drama and there are will be several more episodes to follow.

Although the Donna and Harvey relationship does not seem very realistic right now, it looks like there might be more hope for fellow coworkers, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, played by actress Meghan Markle. They have been engaged for a while. Perhaps that engagement will turn into a wedding this season. Keep watching season 7 airing Wednesday nights to find out what happens.