Donald Trump has often received criticism for not being in the best shape despite a questionable physical earlier this year that said otherwise. With Ivanka Trump's latest tweet, the president and first daughter were both met with mockery.

Ivanka on Twitter

Ever since the day he kicked off his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump made sure to let his ego control his political agenda.

While it became common place for Trump to brag about the positive aspects in his real estate and private business background, as well as his time as a host on "The Apprentice," he also claimed that he would be one of the healthiest presidents in history. By the time the general election rolled around, Trump would take shots at Hillary Clinton over her health, despite himself appearing to look obese. Fast forward to earlier this year when Trump's White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, said the president was in good health, despite listing him just one pound shy of being obese.

With Donald Trump facing backlash and mockery due to his weight and eating habits, Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on April 4 to speak about the importance of heating right and living a healthy lifestyle, especially among children.

"Physically active children are more likely to go to college, be more productive at work, and earn higher wages!" Ivanka tweeted. "95 percent of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies played college sports," she added. Within minutes of Ivanka's tweet, critics of the president made sure to hit back.

Twitter reaction

After Ivanka Trump tweeted out about Physical Fitness, those who oppose the current administration gave her a reminder about her father.

"So what did your dad play with his 'bone spurs?'" one tweet read poking fun at Donald Trump for avoiding service in the Vietnam War due to allegedly having bone spurs.

"12 letter, 3 sport high school varsity athlete.

Graduate of Michigan State University. Pre existing medical condition, can’t work, broke. Rich talk me through this one Ivanka, you naive one," a Twitter user wrote. "Agree. So why has your father's 'administration' tosses out the after school programs and sports programs?" a tweet wondered.

"I'll wait for people on the right to attack Ms.

Trump for telling our kids to be healthier like Mrs. Obama was for doing so in previous years. I'll wait...." a social media user noted. "Why does Daddy hate America so much?" yet another tweet wondered. "Not everyone can afford to ship their children off to a boarding school like your parents did. And not every parent can afford to put their children in sports, it's very expensive, but I wouldn't expect you to 'get that,'" a follow-up tweet read.