The day of the premiere of “Avengers: Infinity War” draws near, and the fans of the MCU are already debating on who may be powerful enough to defeat the main villain of the story. In this note, I will contribute with some information regarding characters that could make possible such a difficult task. Below are some ideas that I came up with about characters who could defeat Thanos.

Five characters

1. Galactus: His existence goes way back before the destruction of the past universe, and his mission is to maintain the balance in the actual one. He is the Devourer Of Worlds, which makes him a cosmic force of nature.

We honestly don’t believe he will be appearing anytime soon since the rights over the character are still under negotiations by Marvel Studios.

2. Tyrant: This villain is a creation of Galactus, and pretends to be like his creator. He has worked against the devourer of worlds and thus was exiled. For the same reasons as Galactus, I don’t expect to see him anytime soon.

3. Dormammu: He is a mystical being I was able to enjoy briefly during the "Doctor Strange" movie. His power is far beyond any other master in the magical and mystic arts. He dwells in the dark dimension, which was created by his own power. He is eager to take revenge for his past defeat against Dr. Strange. There is a slight chance that he may appear during the upcoming Avengers movie.

4. Mephisto: He is manipulative and deceptive by nature, and his power tends to be quite effective, although also questionable. He pretended to serve Thanos with the hidden intention of taking power for his own. As far as I know, he will not be appearing in the film.

5. Jean Grey: One of the members of the X-Men, she has the power of Phoenix within her, which transforms her into a being of massive power capable of destroying worlds by only wishing so.

Phoenix is nothing more than the manifestation of the vital energy of the universe, yet by the same reasons Galactus and Tyrant, she will not be appearing in the film yet.

What about Scarlet Witch?

As you can see, none of the mentioned characters is expected to be seen in the movie, and it would be quite odd if any of them does.

The reasons vary from personal motivations of the characters (no real reason to oppose Thanos) to legal reasons. Yet one character that may be a threat to Thanos is Scarlet Witch, a very powerful character that has already had some big moments in the previous movies. I believe it would be a waste to see Thanos defeated in this next movie since there is a lot of potential to exploit this character.

What do you guys think about this list? Do you think they are powerful enough to defeat the Mad Titan? Would you like to see any of them in the future of the Marvel Comic Universe movies?