Josh Duggar filed a lawsuit in March against the city of Springdale, Arkansas, as well as against Washington County (in the same state). Central to his legal complaint is the claim that he suffered financial loss.

He also contends that he has been plagued with “severe emotional distress,” coupled with “mental anguish,” according to Radar Online and PopCulture. The TLC network booted Josh when fans rejected the potential of viewing a self-admitted molester on “19 Kids and Counting.”

Arkansas officials reject claims Josh made in lawsuit

Neither city nor county officials have facilitated Josh in projecting blame, however.

The defendants cited in his complaint actually refute that they are at fault for releasing documentation, which resulted in Josh being outed as a sexual molester.

The effect of authorities flat-out denying that they are responsible for any setbacks that Josh has experienced after he was fired is that he will not receive “any relief” right now, Radar noted.

The city and county would rather a trial be held, allowing a jury to determine the outcome of Josh’s complaint. The authorities Josh is suing further assert that the former reality show cast member has not “stated a claim” for which “relief can be granted,” PopCulture reported.

Mirror suit filed and kicked from federal court

When Josh filed a near-mirror suit in federal court in 2017, the complaint was kicked to the curb by a judge.

Whether it helped or hindered Josh, it now seems two of Josh’s sisters appeared on Megyn Kelly's show and spoke about Josh’s unlawful conduct toward them. No one made them speak out in media. Above all, too, no one faults his sisters. It sure appeared, though, that a spin was taking place, but the public didn’t take the bait.

Nor did TLC.

Many fans turned away from the show and stopped viewing any program with a Duggar family member. More fans demanded that Josh be booted from TLC. And, still, there are fans who do want to see “Counting On,” but not see anything about Josh on social media. They have been quite vocal online -- and disgusted by Josh’s previous actions and the fact that Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar took a spiritual rather than a legal path to address and remedy their son’s behavior.

Duggars have strong detractors following Josh’s molestation admission

That TLC dumped “19 Kids and Counting,” and cut Josh and his own family from appearing on “Counting On” with frequency, pleases many fans. For even more, however, they are now Duggar detractors.

They tend to overrun discussions on social media and saturate any back-and-forth discourse with their personal views about the family, which are based on the Duggars’ fundamentalist values and lifestyle. Their negativity drowns out what would otherwise be on-topic discussion about recent events, pregnancies, babies being born, courtship rituals, and the like.

Impact if jury rules for defendants will be that Josh is responsible for fallout in his life

Interestingly, with the defendants named in Josh’s March lawsuit filing holding firm to their assertion that they are not responsible, it will mean that Josh will be held as the party responsible for his life’s woes if jurors rule in favor of the defendants.

The apex of the problem will still remain, though: Some people will not view the Duggars as they once had before the molestation revelation.

Whether others agree with them, individual fans have their opinions, as do former viewers. The consensus remains just the same. Many people feel concern for the safety of Josh’s children, since his behavior in his younger years and the outing are what led to him being thought of (by many) as “once a child molester, always a child molester.” Fans cannot be faulted for standing their ground or for their refusal to look at anything that depicts Josh Duggar with other members of the Duggar Family – and, now, their children.

Josh acted inappropriately

At the end of the day, Josh Duggar is the one who acted inappropriately on his feelings.

His conduct sure appears to be something that he hoped would remain closeted and swept far away from the public – as long as he wanted to remain on TLC and make bank. Viewers weren’t buying it.

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